1. Camden

    Yes to Euthanasia No to Cannabis legislation New Zealand

    Referendum results live: NZ votes yes on euthanasia, no on cannabis legalisation KEY POINTS: • The results are in: It's YES to euthanasia, NO to legalising cannabis, preliminary numbers show. • Preliminary results were released at 2pm today; final results are released next Friday, November 6...
  2. Camden

    Active shooter New Zealand mosque attack

    'Active shooter' situation in New Zealand during mosque attack Police urge people nearby to stay indoors in the city of Christchurch with reports of multiple casualties. Police in New Zealand swarmed central Christchurch on Friday after a gunman entered a mosque and began shooting with an...
  3. W

    New Zealand North Island Must Do's

    Apologies for the non Turkish thread and any replies can be sent via PM . I am over in Auckland for the next 2 months and will have access to a car for 2 weeks. I want to tour up north of Auckland with my priorities being coastal walks , forest walks and coastal drives. Would appreciate any...
  4. B

    New Zealand v Australia

    Should hopefully, be a Great game today between New Zealand and Australia in the Rugby League Final. Live on BBC1 now. Bill.
  5. Martyn

    Flights to New Zealand

    Hi all. Now I'm being made redundant shortly we are looking at visiting our friends living in New Zealand as they are always asking us to go and visit. We will probably go for three weeks in the New Year flying from any London airport or Birmingham international. Has anyone done the trip...
  6. KKOB

    New Zealand Bans Fat Immigrants

    New Zealand bars overweight people because of the potential burden they pose to the national health care system. Woman Kicked Out of New Zealand For Being Too Fat|Weird News Files
  7. bobthenob

    The New Zealand Experience

    l had a wonderful three week holiday experience in New Zealand,mainly just to see my sisters new life,and how she is coping with the new life,from that of Britain. l was very impressed,this life style they have now to the previous life style back in England.From a end terrance in England,to a...
  8. bobthenob

    Flight to New Zealand

    l wish to book a flight to Kiwi land this year from Turkey.Just a few questions l like to ask First:is it possible to fly from Turkey to kiwi second:because the flight will be from Turkey,will their be restrictions in security,baggage,etc Third:How much will it cost from Turkey. l heard the...
  9. VWBug

    Prime Minister of Turkey visit to New Zealand

    p ?
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