1. K

    Garanti bank current YTL account fees

    I set up a direct debit from my current account in April to pay my electric. Looking at my account today the charges are more than my electric. It says 30/4/2013------ 2012 yili2 Yariyil Hesap Isletim Ucreti and a 45ytl charge It then says 9/7/ 2013 ------2013 yili 1 Yariyil Hesap Isletim...
  2. heatona2

    ytl notes

    Hi alll. i still have 170 ytl from last visit last aug , whilst getting my money changed today i noticed that the 50ytl & the 20 ytl notes i got today are smaller than the ones i still have from last year .. can i still spend them or change them in yalikavak or are the no good any more ...
  3. P

    what to do with ytl?

    hi we have sold our house in gundogan and are not sure the best thing to do with the money? 1. just transfer it into sterling to uk 2. open turkish bank account and leave it there for now or 3. open euro account in turkey and leave it there for now. have no short term plans for it so could do...
  4. ceemac

    YTL Is History Today

    New Turkish lira (YTL) banknotes are set to be withdrawn from circulation completely today. The YTL banknotes were legal tender along with the Turkish lira and kuruş until today. Here C
  5. A

    YTL what does it mean?

    can someone tell me what YTL is please...and also wheres a good place in Yalikavak to go for a coffee in the morning?:amen:
  6. R

    Exchange Rate

    Lira Can anyone tell the lastest rate against the pound the post office is 2.26
  7. jcrian


    Looks like we are slowly but steadily getting more ytl to the pound.........
  8. L

    Bank account guarantee 100,000 ytl

    Morning i got an e-mail from a guy who works for Fortis Bank in Fethiye,and this is what he posted,i hope it helps. Lee Good morning everybody This morning I heard soomething about gov.guarantee. Turkish Gov. will explain the new guarantee limit in 2 weeks and I think this will at least...
  9. L

    Looking for the best YTL bank rates please

    Hi can anyone tell me the best rates for a YTL time account,and who with please Thanks Lee
  10. dalid69

    Spacious Apartment in Dalaman 85.000YTL

    Hi to all members,we have reluctantly put our Dalaman home up for sale,we currently have another apartment in Dalaman and as its more expensive than this one we have decided to move to the other one. The apartment is a first floor apartment in a block of six with a wall all the way around,built...
  11. irishmatelot

    Current YTL rates

    Hi all I'm travelling out on Monday and just wondered if anyone has changed any currency today and at what rate. I'm bringing no YTL with me and hoping the rates there are better then the 2.2 that I have been offered here. Cheers Paul :becky:
  12. R

    GBP to YTL rate

    Can somebody let me know whether I would get a better rate converting my GBP to YTL here in the UK or in Bodrum. It would be great if someone can post TODAY'S YTL tourist rate currently being offered in Bodrum, or even better point me to a turkish website showing today's rate. Regards Ramzy
  13. rosewall1

    2 YTL Book Sale

    This is a brilliant idea last time I bought 27 books, haven't finished them all yet but will be going just the same. Lovely venue and very nice bar. Well I enjoyed it. Book Sale By popular demand, there will be another sale of books to benefit the street animals on the peninsula, in July...
  14. immac

    YTL - Weak Currency

    From TDN: Turkish lira goes from first to worst Tuesday, April 29, 2008 As inflation rises and the specter of political instability looms, the gains of the Turkish lira evaporate. The currency gained a record 21 percent last year, but this year, losses amount to nearly 9 percent. Analysts...
  15. Mushroom

    £ gaining ground on the YTL

    It looks like the good old pound is starting to gain a bit of ground on the YTL. currently bank rates are 2.556 (garanti) and it might have bit further to go over the next day or two -watch this space. This time next year we could all be millionaires Rodney !!
  16. M

    ytl exchange rate website program

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a reliable reasonably market accurate website program that can display ytl - gbp exchange rates ? We don't really want to inbed a link to another website - eg HSBC , but have been looking for a small display program that we can put on our website. Any suggestions...
  17. K

    Strong Lira 2.2 YTL -£

    Im watching with interest how the YTL -£ is rapidly changing. I am sure it hit 2.80 for a while last spring/summer ,now at 2.2 ,thats a big swing. Obviously this is caused by the strong Lira and weak Pound. Does anyone know whether the YTL is as strong against the Euro or just the Pound? If...
  18. turtle-webs

    2 Bed Flat Ortaca - 75,000 YTL

    As well as selling our house in Dalyan we are also selling our flat in Ortaca (located between Dalyan, Koycegiz and Dalaman). Located near to the new council building in Ortaca this newly completed 2nd floor corner apartment is well finished and ideal to move in to. It is close to all the...
  19. mavi

    YTL changing back to TL...1/1/2009

    Design competition for new Turkish coins The new Turkish currency, YTL, which means New Turkish Lira, will be withdrawn from circulation on Jan. 1, 2009. Paper money and coins will be called Turkish Lira (Türk Lirasi) again. The mint has already started working on the new coins. The mint...
  20. A

    Tax Inspectors Uncover 13 Million YTL Property Frauds

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