1. B

    Youtube problem

    Am getting two notices on my M8S regarding youtube which is not working!! one of the messages is marked for deletion the other is bad request. Checking it out it seems to be a cookie problem which removing on a computer is easy but on the box seems to be a bigger problem, can anybody give me a...
  2. Jaycey


    Hi my geeky friends Just a quickie – can anyone suggest a simple program for downloading videos from Youtube? I’ve tried Googling but the results are all in Russian and if I get hijacked by Yandex again I'm gonna scream!
  3. bickern

    Turkey blocks Twitter, YouTube, Facebook

    Turkey blocks Twitter, YouTube, Facebook over hostage photo, Turkish authorities have blocked access to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook over the publication of photos published on the three social media platforms showing a prosecutor who was taken hostage by militants in Istanbul last week...
  4. bickern

    BBC have YouTube channel for watching content.

    The BBC have a youtube page, they put videos and stuff on there but not full TV shows. Might be of interest to some. :ukflag:
  5. ted j

    Getting youtube videos to show

    There is a post somewhere but I can't find it and can't for the life of me remember what you had to alter to get the actual video on youtube to show up in a post
  6. mollag

    Best of youtube

    Maybe there's a place on the forum to get away from heavy political and problematic stuff so I thought that as I have had some nice yooees from the forum that we could have a thread for some of our favourite bits, hopefully it will stay light and entertaining so there will be no need to collect...
  7. mollag

    Now that Youtube is back

    Heres a cool Polish guitarist, well I like im! :27br: Mariusz Goli "Improwizacja" Katowice Stawowa - YouTube He's coming to a town near Yalides soon!
  8. A89


    I thought youtube was back. I got it for a couple of days and now cant get it again. Anyone know whats happening now? :dizzy: Alison
  9. A

    Turkey ban on Youtube overturned

    Being Turkey and Erdogan, I dont expect a quick resolution. Turkey's YouTube ban overturned due to violating freedom of expression | Mail Online
  10. bal canavar


    As Yalimart has posted the block on Youtube has been officially by lifted by law . Not by the government of Turkey ,which is important. They were happy if the ban stood. But by the Consititutional court of Turkey. This lifting of the ban should show everyone the importance of a independent...
  11. C

    Twitter and Youtube ban lifted?

    Today I have been able to access both through 'normal' channels. I haven't read anything on line about the ban being lifted - has anyone? (ı suppose there is always the possibility they will have disappeared again by the time I post this comment!)
  12. M

    Turkey block YouTube ban

    Turkish officials have defended their move to block access to YouTube, citing national security concerns. The government shut down access to the video-sharing website yesterday after an audio recording of a security meeting was leaked. In the recording, senior officials appeared to be...
  13. M

    How to access youtube from Turkey?

    Few days ago,Turkish government blocked it, How can I visit it?
  14. C

    Bye-bye Youtube

    Just noticed Youtube has now joined Twitter on the blacklist. :crazy: Telekomünikasyon İletişim Başkanlığı tarafından erişimi engellenmiştir. (Access has been blocked by Telecommunication Communication Presidency.) | |...
  15. Talkinman


    Is it possible to download films and TV from YouTube to my IPad? If so could someone put it on here in an Idiots guide or message me with the way.
  16. Jaycey


    G’day wise ones. On my PC I used to watch Youtube movies and could mark in and out parts of the movie to record just that section. But on my laptop I seem to have lost that facility. (Or am I confusing it with YTD?) Any suggestions please?
  17. Jaycey


    I’ve just posted a video to Our Home Movies and received a copyright warning – I used Johnny Clegg Savuka and am told that it will not be viewable in some countries. Mea culpa – amazing how they pick these things up particularly with ambient sound...
  18. shirleyanntr

    government to control Youtube

    in a new move the Turkish Government is now able to control what we can watch on Youtube. a searcher with a Turkish IP will be automatically redirected to this means that there will be some things especially those vids that might contain criticism of the government and been banned by...
  19. Harem

    Downloading Youtube as audio

    Please can somebody explain to me in very simple, easy steps how to download a Youtube video to my computer as audio only?? Thanks.
  20. kale

    youtube help

    been trying to upload a link from youtube no good at it , can anyone help please girl puppet and her dog which has been to liverpool lately TITANIC ODYSSEY cheers Kale yvonne xxx:3:
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