1. D

    Young Turks.

    Report finds 73 percent of young people in Turkey want to live abroad New research by a German polling company finds that 72.9 percent of young people in Turkey want to live abroad, largely as a result of the economic crisis. The German research firm Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Association...
  2. bickern

    Brings back memories of when I was young

    When I was just a little boy We didn’t have a lot My mother kept the lights on With some silver in the slot The tv was a rental one That too was on a meter But when I cast my mind back Life back then, seemed so much sweeter The larder wasn’t always full Of tasty things to eat But we didn’t...
  3. I

    Young kittens

    Hi all, Need some advice please. I'm a big animal lover and on arrival to my holiday home in Turkey I came across one of the regular cats which has a litter of four staying in my garden. The kittens are approximately 6 -8 weeks old. I have been feeding them daily, however a couple of nights...
  4. E

    Too young
  5. E

    Stacey Young dies

    Sad news for Paul.
  6. J

    Young People

    Young Citizen Awards: The Leeds schoolboy shot in Syria - BBC News I love young people like these. Particularly the young girl from Doncaster who lives in care herself but helps others. Great inspiration and hope for the world at large.
  7. Yalides

    Young Entrepreneur

    Taunton schoolboy nets £2m after a property developer offered him money for land he bought | Daily Mail Online Well done young man.
  8. bickern

    Sir Jimmy Young dies aged 95

    Veteran broadcaster Sir Jimmy Young dies aged 95. RIP Sir Jim.
  9. minniemouse07

    Moving from the uk to Turkey with young children

    Hi all, i have been with my Turkish partner for 5 years now and we have 2 young children (3years & 8months). I am living in the uk and he is in Turkey, but we are hoping to get married and i move permanently spring next year. Just after some advice. Is there anyone else that has moved...
  10. teosgirl

    Young woman murdered in Dalyan

    Young woman found strangled to death after sexual assault in western Turkey Very sad news. I don't have too much faith in the justice system in Turkey but lets hope the right person/people have been arrested and that they'll be locked away for a long time. What a tragic end to a short life...
  11. suzyq

    Delivery man rips earrings out of young girls ears

    Sinking to new depths. Doesn't say when it happened or whereabouts. Man rips earrings from young girl's ears in Turkey in LiveLeak clip | Daily Mail Online
  12. B

    Young, Muslim electorate.

    General Election 2015: Young, Muslim and disengaged - BBC News Why should this Islamic minority feel disengaged from the political process.? Bill.
  13. B

    Something for all voters. Young and old

    I?ll vote for the party backing wealth creators - Telegraph I think that there is a message for everybody in this article. Bill.
  14. Mushtaq

    New anti-ageing chocolate claims to give you young looking skin.

    A team of scientists at a Cambridge University spin-off lab claim they have created a chocolate bar that can slow down wrinkles and sagging skin, the Telegraph newspaper reported on Saturday. “Esthechoc,” manufactured by biotech firm Lycotec, claims to be able to boost antioxidant levels and...
  15. bal canavar

    Catch them Young

    Turkey PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan sparked a furore when he said he wanted to ‘raise a religious youth’ it looks like like his agenda is on track . Their is already compulsory religious education in secondary schools with the rescinding of the controversially "opt out " for minorities eg...
  16. beyazbayan

    Wish İ had know that when İ was young
  17. SLEEPY

    Tlf is ten years young

    As we were informed this week the TLF is 10 years young but from what I gather there are no plans to celebrate this historic milestone. To commemorate this event I think it would be appropriate that a TLF Congress is convened (piss up). Now of course we need a talented member with the...
  18. B

    A brave young boy.

    BBC News - Aitzaz Hasan: Tributes to Pakistan teenager killed when he stopped a bomber Such bravery,just a pity that he had to pay for his bravery with his life. Bill.
  19. bbplayer

    What would you have done if you were young again?

    This might be a duplicate post but i was wondering. What do you wish you'd known/done when you were younger? It could be about anything from personal life, marriage, love etc. to professional life, like career and study.
  20. Carolyn

    What young mums REALLY talk about

    And I bet you thought discussions centred around breast feeding and nappies! Do you dunk your penis? (full thread) | Mumsnet Discussion
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