1. F

    Pilates & Yoga

    Hi. Looking for yoga and pilates classes for the remaining months of the year. Does anyone know of any such classes in Fethiye, pls.?
  2. Camden

    Yoga a pagan religion

    You will be glad to know the Turkish government Milli Eğitim Bakan and the Religious Affairs Directorate has now cancelled its yoga related fatwa on the practising of yoga ......after seeing it as pagan worship....lifting the recent ban of the use of schools and from school children...
  3. J

    Meditation and Yoga at Azure wellness retreat

    For those of you who enquired and also those of you who might be interested, Azure wellness retreat in Turgutreis are now offering meditation.
  4. H

    anywhere near dalyan for yoga or pilates

    can anyone recommend any where to do yoga or pilates in or near dalyan
  5. K

    Yoga classes in Dalyan?

    Hello all, This had probably been asked for lots of times apologises... i have searched threads but i can't find any up to date info(probably me and my useless technical skills!) but are there any regular yoga classes, tai chi or something of that ilk in Dalyan? Thanks, in...
  6. C

    Pilates or Yoga

    Hey all, I was just curious as to whether or not there was a weekly group pilates or yoga session anywhere in Alanya? Cheers, Cici
  7. U


    Might anyone be interested in private or small group Yoga classes?
  8. M

    personal training and yoga or pilates

    Hi everyone! I am a foreigner living in Istanbul who is staying with a friend for most of the summer in Bodrum. I was hoping you locals would have some good contacts for casual classes of pilates or yoga- or a good personal trainer contact..? Last summer I went to the gym just on the way out...
  9. Y

    Yoga classes

    Does anyone know of yoga classes in the Fethiye central or Çalış/Günlükbaşı areas? (in english or turkish language - I don't mind).
  10. M

    yoga in Turgutreis

    Hi Staying in lovely Turgutreis for 2 weeks from June 5th and understand there is yoga in the park wonder if anyone has contact details for the teacher maggi
  11. F

    yoga or tai chi type instructors

    Hi everyone, I'm heading to my apartment on Sunlight for my annual chill with one of my gal pals in early September and we fancy the idea of a yoga or similar lesson on site everyday and I would be very grateful if you or anyone you know who may not be a TLer who is qualified as an instructor...
  12. O

    Yoga or Pilates Classes

    Hi. Does any members know of any Yoga/Pilates classes in Dalyan/Dalaman area-thanks
  13. K

    Yoga Classes

    Hi everybody, i am new to Alanya and looking for Yoga classes can anybody help thanks
  14. D

    Yoga Turgetreis?

    Hi everyone - we are coming over to Kadikalesi tomorrow so this may be too late. I would really like to find a yoga class in the area- anyone know of any? Thanks and turn the sun up for us! Dolly
  15. Helenm150

    Yoga and Exercise Classes

    Hi everyone, does anyone know of yoga, pilates, belly dancing or any other exercise classes in the Bodrum or Turgutreis areas? I have heard a rumour of a gym in Gumbet and a swimming pool and also that there might be something going on in the Oasis centre and maybe Universal Hospital have a...
  16. L

    Yoga in Datca

    I believe that there is a yoga centre in Eski Datca with lessons in English. I fancy going along, especially come winter as the boredom may have set in by then and I will be in desperate need of a hobby. I have been in Datca for three months now and have met a few of you on hols (Doreen, thanks...
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