1. jenifer

    Abu Hamza can be exradited to the USA YIPPEE!

    The European Court of Human Rights has backed terror extraditions from the UK to the United States. Has anyone any comments, apart from it's about Frecking Time. Ron
  2. S


    last night in g.b folks,see side tommorow,looking forward to sun,effes+some old friends. Be back in 2 wks lynn:rockon:
  3. butt007

    Yippee, am now a great-grandpa

    Hello everyone, I am dead chuffed I am now a great-grandpa since 5-10pm UK time, our Tom & Melony had a little boy 8lb-5oz, but she had a tough time in labour for 3 days, gona have a good drink. Cheers. Warren
  4. K

    Yippee, holiday booked.

    Hi all, we hope 2009 has got off to a good start for all TLF members. We have this morning booked our annual 2 weeks of Yali bliss!!!!!!!!! Don't normally get it sorted so early-but decided this year was a bit different. What with the reported increase in bookings to Turkey (weak £ to euro)the...
  5. D

    Its the weekend yippee - Wot u doin' ?

    Got that Friday afternoon feeling what are you doing this weekend? Instead of riding, lazing around the pool and early nights, tonite the washing machine is agoing (six weeks worth - ironing can wait till wednesday). Shine restaurant curry tonite then out about town in Calis meet up with...
  6. A

    Going out this Sunday for two weeks yippee

    we have an apartment at sultan way (Aymet homes) near the mosque. anyone out want to meet up? Adrian & Jill
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