1. Yildez Datca

    Yildez has left the building!

    Yes, I've left Mandalina. I recently found out that a hotel being built in front of my building, between the main road and the sea, will completely block my wonderful view. As you can imagine, I was extremely upset; I'd had my apartment for 7 years and lived in it full time for 5. I loved being...
  2. kaplumba

    Happy Birthday Yildez

    I think I'm right in wishing Yildez Happy Birthday today. Soo said they were twins!! Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine.:yipee:
  3. kaplumba

    hi Yildez

    I haven't noticed you before Yildez, there are quite a few folk here who regularly go to Datca and am sure they'd like to say 'hi'. I have been visiting there for around 15 years and have watched it grow. Does your husband come from Datca? Good luck with your retirement plans. I thought after...
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