1. kemerkid

    Yesterday's Gone.

    Yesterday would have been George Harrisons 72nd Birthday had he made it, they're all going and leaving me behind. I just keyed in "Traveling Wilburys" and watched a few videos when it came to the vid "end of the line" with the emty rocker carrying Roy Orbison's guitar I had to fight to hold...
  2. A

    Violence in Old Town Side Yesterday

    I was walking with friends in Old Town Side yesterday around 4pm and about 100 Turks came rushing down the main street armed with knives and screaming as they were running. We side stepped them and walked up to the top by the taxi rank and by the time we reached up there we heard them all...
  3. J

    More dogs poisoned in Gümüşlük yesterday

    Following the poisoning of 8 dogs near the beach in Gümüşlük last week (2 died), 4 more were poisoned yesterday in the village and all died. The prime suspects near the beach are restaurant operators, in the village people whose free-roaming chickens have been killed by stray dogs. If you...
  4. shirleyanntr

    Manavgat massive fire yesterday

    if you wondered why there was no electricity in alanya for most of yesterday it was due to a massive forest fire near Manavgat...20 hectares of forest has gone dreadful.. and of course the cables that come over the mountains from Adana its a credit to the emergency services that they have got...
  5. shirleyanntr

    yesterday i went to a special wedding

    A wedding special in more ways than one. apart from the journey over the Toros mountains defying death with every hairpin bend..which is food for another thread..... this wedding was special to me as i met the bride when she was a little girl of 7 and her father had just died. He died...
  6. abba

    Expat bake sale yesterday in Bodrum

    I was happy to come across an excellent array of goodies yesterday at a bake sale organized by an International group of expat ladies. Does anyone know the group, what the funds are used for and if this will be a regular event. I was remiss not to ask. All of the items I purchased were...
  7. C

    meeting yesterday in siesta

    hi can anyone let me know how the meating went and what was mentioned thank you
  8. scotssteve

    Turkish customs yesterday!!!

    Afternoon all, A very disturbing story from a couple who arrived at Izmir Airport yesterday about 4.30pm All travellers were directed through the "goods to declare channell" - the other route having been closed off. Apparently all their baggage was scanned and opened when it contained alcohol...
  9. Mojive

    Bournemouth Seafront Yesterday:-)

    Just put these on the weather thread.... Just thought I may share them with anyone else who wanted to see where I can go if the fancy takes me which it did yesterday:roundgrin: It was a beautiful morning and the surfers were out as well as plenty of locals taking a break from the Christmas...
  10. shirleyanntr

    My brother was buried yesterday

    There are still many friends on the forum who ask me how my son and my brother are doing. Sadly Kevin died on September 3rd and due to different formalities we were unable to hold his funeral until yesterday. He was repatriated to the Uk from Ghana last September and died in Swalseside Prison...
  11. Mary

    New Grandson arrived yesterday

    Hi all, Our new grandson Jacob John (JJ) arrived yesterday at 1.00pm by cesearean section, a little fraught and scary as some would know she was very ill on life support at xmas and she still is not fully recovered but miracle Jacob arrived. He was 6ib 1oz and 38 weeks however is in an incubator...
  12. alison09400

    Yalikavak Yesterday

    We have my mum staying with us at the minute and she had asked if, while she's here, could we go to Gulluk one day. So we went yesterday. Not being that impressed with the place to stay longer than it took to have lunch, we decided to travel on. Seeing a sign for Golturkbuku I told my husband...
  13. P

    Cameron's Speech yesterday

    Prime Minister said the country was in a worse financial state after looking at the books and the borrowing was into hundreds of billions of pounds. That it will take at least 10 years to try and get back on track. Warned us all - rich and poor alike will have to ride the storm. There were...
  14. H

    Calling all expats in Bodrum - from Hürrieyt yesterday

    Calling all expats in Bodrum - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  15. M

    Filming in Yalikavak Yesterday

    Did any one else see it? They were filming a TV add for some snack. The bit we saw was on the habour area outside Cumbali. Hanumeli did good trade that day apparently, they did the catering for 150, actors, extras, crew etc. The poor guy (actor) eating the snacks had about 12 packs full, he did...
  16. altinkum kev

    Santa arrived yesterday

    Christmas came early for me yesterday, thank you Billy. 16 pork chops 4 boxes weetabix 6 boxes digestives and booze etc what a mate!!!:49::angel::224xb:
  17. KKOB


    "NEW LYRICS TO BEATLES SONGS" YESTERDAY Yesterday, All those backups seemed a waste of pay. Now my database has gone away. Oh I believe in yesterday. Suddenly, There's not half the files there used to be, And there's a millstone hanging over me The system crashed so suddenly. I pushed...
  18. T

    Yesterday, Unlucky Sunderland

    I don't know what you get to see in Turkey so forgive me if this is old hat. Sunderland have a free kick which is aimed at the right side of goal. The goalkeeper dives and misses it and the ball hits the right hand post. It then bounces along the goal line and hits the left hand post. It...
  19. Mushtaq

    Forum problems yesterday

    We had a major database corruption yesterday, this caused me a lot of problems and a sleepless night :bored: , been trying to fix the database with the help of the hosting company. After many hours of trying to fix it, we had to go back to the previous night's backup, luckley the backup system...
  20. Carolyn

    What took 6 1/2 hours yesterday?

    Anyone else get caught out by the consolidated Gatwick/Manchester return flight from Dalaman yesterday? Having gritted our teeth and bared the cancellation of our Birmingham flight on 12 April with Aegean and opted to flying a day earlier from either Manchester or Gatwick (we chose Manchester)...
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