1. D

    Seahorse Deluxe Hotel Yesilkent

    Hi All - has anyone used this hotel or know of anyone who has? My son and his girlfriend are thinking of booking it as we are full to the brim in August, I know there's trip advisor to check it out with but I sometimes wonder how reliable those ratings are as I've heard other local hoteliers use...
  2. L

    Yesilkent - how far from Altinkum?

    is yesilkent worth a visit heard alot of good things about the beach,as this will only be our 2nd visit to altinkum. How far away is it from altinkum. thanks
  3. L

    Land Wanted in Yesilkent

    I am looking for a piece of land to build a house on in Yesilkent Didum Thank you
  4. C

    WANTED-Villa in Yesilkent or Altinkum for holiday in May 2011

    Hi everyone I am looking for a villa to rent for a holiday in May 2011, it will most likely be for 2 weeks but possibly 3. There will be between 4 and 6 adults and between 1 and 3 children (all depends on where we find and at what price as to whether some decide to come) We would ideally...
  5. Pandora

    Townhouse for Sale - Yesilkent

    Hi everyone, we have finally decided to put our house up for sale. We love Yesilkent but now want to rent here and travel around Turkey a bit more. We have a beautiful furnished, end of terrace 3 storey townhouse in the quiet village of Yesilkent approximately 3 km from Altinkum. Regular dolmus...
  6. A

    break ins at Yesilkent

    Please be careful as there has been a few break ins at Yesilkent.....last night the owners and guests of a villa in Yesil went to the Blue Restaurant ....and were there 3 and a half hours and when they returned the whole house had been ransacked, phones, wallets and money
  7. ted j

    Yesilkent dolmus

    Hi all. We're spending a week at our friends place in Yesilkent in a few weeks. Does anyone know how often the dolmus runs into Altinkum in early May, and the time of the last one back to Yesilkent. Ted
  8. M

    Sitesi at Yesilkent.

    What a lovely sitesi is the one that you walk throught to get to the beach from the dolmus. I noticed how many of the residents was elderly and how well the gardens was kept, they are big gardens too, they must spend all their times on their knees and the pleasure it gives must be tremendous, I...
  9. T

    villa for sale in yesilkent

    Our villa in Yesilkent was only put up for sale at the end of July o8 at £87,500 but to reflect the economic downturn we have reduced the price to £78,950. All paperwork correct(we have tapu,habitation certificate and our home is debt free)we also have telephone/internet line.To view our...
  10. W

    Yesilkent Screensaver

    Hi All, Just got back from Altinkum and whilst there we visited Yesilkent. I took the attached photo and thought it would make a good screensaver! If anyone would like a FREE uncompressed copy for a screensaver, just email me.
  11. kernowians

    Military Permission in Yesilkent

    Have had post from our builder today to say there is a problem with military permission for Sapphire Beach in Yesilkent. This apparently is due to the land in front and at the back of it where Summer Breeze and Seahorse have been built. Apparently they have been built on military land. Has...
  12. scoobydoo

    How far is Yesilkent

    Hi all, sorry if this has been discussed before, but can anybody tell me how far Yesilkent is from Altinkum. Also is it walking distance. Sorry not been on for a while so Happy new year to you all.
  13. murdo

    How many in Yesilkent?

    Hi we have just bought in this area and wondered how many other folk lived near. I know you are there Speedy :), wondering how many more off the forum are there!! Jackie
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