1. D

    In Just a Few Generations.

    Just thought I would put this out there (hope the Admins don't Mind)..?? This is the True Story of 2 of my Neighbours here in Bulgaria, but both have a reference to Both Russia and Turkey. When I first arrived here in 2008, I met my next Door Neighbour Roman, a very old Bulgarian man who...
  2. Freedom 49

    21 Years to the day.

    We're not going through the best of times in Turkey just now with 6,000 people having been lost to Corona. I remember, back on 17th August 1999 when the 7.4 earthquake took hold around Istanbul and an overall 40,000 people lost their lives. Some of those, never having been found but accounted...
  3. bickern

    Scotland to switch to driving on the right if they achieve independence

    Seeking to capitalise on the arguments this week about "bullying" England and keeping the pound, they will unveil an ambitious scheme to scrap the current – English inspired – road signage system. M for motorway will be replaced with a new S – for Scotland and the A trunk roads will become N...
  4. bickern

    China offers to build a cheaper, faster HS2 - Five years

    China has offered to build a cheaper, faster HS2 service in just five years, it was reported last night. British officials are in talks with Chinese counterparts about getting the high-speed rail project back on track. Beijing claimed it could build the line by 2025 for less money and with...
  5. kemerkid

    Thirteen Years.

    On this day 2007 my wife and I stepped out of the treadmill and boarded a 737, leaving the Rat Race behind we flew into Ataturk Airport Istanbul. This was to be our re-birth and we embracesd it with both arms. Although we were now to live on a much lower income we were fearless. Our quality of...
  6. bickern

    New years messages

    Tony Blair has used his New Year's message to stick the boot into Jeremy Corbyn again as he blasted Labour's worst defeat for 90 years and called for 'real progressive change' in 2020. Speaking of a 'profound volatility' in UK politics over the last 12 months, the former Labour leader slammed...
  7. bickern

    20 Years of Putin

    Twenty years ago, on New Year's Eve 1999, a political newcomer and former KGB operative named Vladimir Putin suddenly assumed the Russian presidency. Out of the shadows: From KGB to Kremlin Putin was a mid-level KGB officer in Dresden, East Germany, when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Weeks...
  8. immac

    Dead Within 13 Years.

    Sometimes I read some article and wonder if it is a joke. This one clearly is not. From New Scientist, headline: "A bad sense of smell predicts early death but we don’t know why" They are perplexed. If someone of 82 loses their sense of smell, they will probably die within the next 13 years...
  9. E

    Married to a Turk for 40+ years

    Someone who was married to a Turk has recently lost her husband and while trying to help her we've discovered that she doesn't have a residence permit although she's been in the country for 3 years. Looking back 40 years ago, is there any chance that when she married she automatically got...
  10. bickern

    16-year-old gets 4.5 years in prison for kissing 13-year-old

    A court in the southern province of Antalya has handed down a prison sentence of four years and six months to a 16-year-old boy for kissing 13-year-old girl at school. “The expert report about the high schooler [with the initials] A.K. has emphasized that he had undertaken this action with the...
  11. Camden

    Turkey...Ex-British soldier sentenced 8 years

    A former British Army soldier who fought against the Islamic State terror group in Syria has been sentenced to nearly eight years in jail in Turkey.
  12. bickern

    Amazing what 30 years has done to Turkish resorts

    Watch the video. BBC Archive in Turkey this week from what the BBC published in 1988 In this section, holiday places such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Altinkum, Icmeler and Kuşadası in Aegean are introduced for British tourists. There are also various holiday information from lunch to dinner. We...
  13. bickern

    Only 8 years for murder, because it wasn't. What!!!

    A wife who stabbed her husband to death during a drink-fuelled row a week before Christmas has been jailed for eight years. Natasha Jex, 32, used a kitchen knife to inflict the single, fatal blow to her 52-year-old husband Neal at their home in the Penywaun area of Aberdare, South Wales, on...
  14. V

    100 years womens suffrage

    Great rally in Belfast
  15. 3

    40 years

    I could say hang them but this crime would get lost in debate. Minimum of 40 years still seems a pittance for what the crime was. RIP you poor kids. Two men jailed for Salford house fire murders - BBC News
  16. A

    94 years after its abolishment, are the Turkish people reviving the Ottoman caliphate

    Yesterday marked 94 years since the abolishment of the Ottoman Caliphate on 3rd March 1924 CE. [1] The caliphate has played a significant role throughout the history of Islam and its destruction is arguably one of the darkest eras in Islamic history following the death of Prophet Muhammad (sall...
  17. S

    New Years Resolutions

    I know we rarely keep to them but its the aspiration that counts so let's hear em folks for 2018 next week I will kick it off with an intention to achieve some serious weight loss Yours folks.....
  18. ted j

    Sgt Pepper 50 years on

    This is a Dutch group the Analogues , doing an absoluteley brilliant job of performing the complete Sergeant Pepper album live (it's really good with headphones, close your eyes and you are listening to the Beatles ) Sgt Pepper 50 year later; Live in Concert; 20170602 The Analogues - YouTube
  19. B

    2 years expired on my car, advice needed

    Hi everybody, Looking for some advice. When we came into Turkey in March 2016 with car, my passport was stamped with a small picture of a car and dated 1/3/2018. No problem with that and it was the change in the law which allowed you to have a UK registered car in Turkey for 2 years. However...
  20. A

    88 years old and WOWEE!!! ...

    So, about Mum... 1. She will be 88 years old on 28th November this year. 2. She runs a 4 x bedroom house single handed. 3. She has the most beautiful little garden I have ever seen, with colourful flowers in bloom the whole year round. 4. She still drives a car every day. 5. She has 5 x...
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