1. A

    Yearly owner meetings by zoom/skype?

    Hi Our yearly owner meeting was supposed to have been on 20th August, however, they sent out the invitation letters too late (only 12 days notice) so meeting was cancelled. They gave a new date by email, 23rd September, and some owners have arranged flights to go to the meeting. However, we...
  2. Helenm150

    Yearly inflation rate of food and non-alcoholic prices in Turkey

    "It is evident that Turkey’s food prices were on a constant steady rise between the years 2003–2015. In the twelve year period food prices in the world have seen % 69.5 increase, as for Turkey % 195 as of August 2016. When we look at this year alone food prices in Turkey have risen % 7.8 as for...
  3. A

    Long yearly stays

    Our residency expires in August this year. We normally come to Turkey at the end of April for just over two months and return in September for another two months. Can anyone help in how is the best way to achieve this (if any) by way of visa residency or both. Surely there must be others in a...
  4. S

    Exemption from yearly property tax

    I have just found out that as a pensioner drawing a Turkish pension and having only one house in my name, I shouldn't have been paying the twice yearly council tax on my house. I tried to get a rebate, but no luck but at least I have now written a letter and given it to the office that deals...
  5. D

    looking for a house or apartment to rent long term in Alanya Merkez

    I am looking for a house or a apartment to rent long term for me my turkish partner and our daughter in Alanya Merkez near friday market 1+1 or 2+1 furnished if anyone could help thanks :9:
  6. G

    yearly meeting - toplanti

    the anual owner-meeting "toplanti" for Senol-Kent-Sitesi is dated to 15.07.2012 - 11.30h . at house Nr. 45 - (Fahrentin Senol - baskan) All owners are invited
  7. C

    Yearly Dementia Test

    Our Yearly Dementia Test NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY > > It's that time of year for us to take our annual senior citizen test. > Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles. As we grow older, it's important to keep mentally alert. If you don't use it, you lose it! > Below...
  8. J

    long term/ seasonal/ yearly let required marmaris

    hi i am looking for a long term rental in marmaris, preferably in the siteler area however i am open to any suggestions/ offers! really we only need a 1/2bedroomed place and furnished/unfurnished is an option. if anyone has a property they think is suitable or if you know of any properties you...
  9. D

    Yearly tax in a nutshell

    Afternoon all, About to purchase an apartment in Fethiye and have looked at different threads on the above but cannot define what i would like to know. Would i have to pay a council type tax like UK if i do how is assessed and apart from water electricity are there any other...
  10. teresa

    Bringing car over yearly

    This was mentioned recently as I have friends who bring their car over from the UK for 6 months each year. Their cars had each done two 6 month spells and the query arose as to whether you could only do this twice for each car - as they believed. They wrote to Turkish Touring: I have brought...
  11. ZiaCa'

    Yearly Parking Membership - Iztuzu Beach

    A membership card that will allow visitors to park at Iztuzu Beach will be available at the cost of 50TL from Dal Bell Offices, opposite the Shell Garage in Dalyan. Normal cost for a day parking at the beach is 5TL, so that will mean quite a saving for regular visitors.
  12. C

    Yearly Rental !!

    Hi All Could anyone let me know how much an honest yearly rental works out at for a duplex penthouse on a secure complex? Many Thanks Callie
  13. R

    Yearly Real Estate or Property Tax?

    Hello Looked on here for anything to do with this yearly bill. How is this bill paid? Through an agent looking after your property? Or does a solicitor have to do a tax return kind of thing like in Spain for you? When does this bill come and how is it paid etc? Any info on this would be great...
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