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    Appartment x 2 Yasmin Gardens

    Hello.... I am looking for two appartments that sleep 4 on Yasmin Gardens for 2 weeks in August next year. Please let me know if you are aware of 2 to rent. Can be flexible on dates. Many thanks.
  2. S

    Yasemin Apartments - any other "owners" here?

    Hi This is my first post (I've been lurking for a while!) and I wondered if there were any other owners here of the Yasemin Apartments? My parents "own" an apartment there and are currently struggling to find out what's going on. I say "own" as they still haven't got their tapu (it will be 4...
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    The truth about Yasmin Gardens Akbuk

    Dear owners of yasmingarden I have to write something in this forum although I do not like it because I never go tho this sites; they only do harm instead of good and most of the time it's al lot of gossep and fake. I will start by identifying myself : We have a house in Yasmingarden, Manolya...
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    Calling all Yasmin Garden owners

    Hi All, This may be a long shot so sorry to bother you if you can't help. I posted a thread called 'Complex Rescues' as I am a buyer at White Beach Village and we have all had a fairly hellish time as five years in we are a good deal poorer and have no site to use and no title deeds. A guy had...
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    Club yasmin?

    I'm sure most of you that have bought on Yasmin Gardens attended at least one of the meetings that were held last year. These meetings were mainly held to explain the way forward for Yasmin in 2010. You will all remember what the builders said was planned for this year. A few days ago we had our...
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    Yasmin Gardens update

    Hello everyone, was just wondering how work is progressing at Yasmin Gardens. Has the pool issue at Orkide been resolved and is darlene still on site carol Orkide C2:28:
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    Update on Yasmin

    For those of you who have not been able to come to yasmin over the last few weeks here are some photos of the building going on on our final phase. The have not long started but are going great guns and more workers will be coming now that ramadam and the holiday is over. The builders are...
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    Thanks to all at Yasmin Gardens

    Well, its been awhaile since Ive visited the forum but I felt that I had to express my sincere thanks to all the management and staff at Yasmin for all the help and support they gave myself,family and friends. Apart from the great summer holiday I was lucky enough to spend another 11 days in...
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    Lets make a success at Yasmin Gardens

    Hi Everyone, Finally joined the forum. We recently spent two glorious weeks at our apartment in Yasmin Gardens (June/July) and spent many hours talking with the builders, their on site managers, and of course Darlene. What a wonderful location we have, with sunsets to die for. We are indeed...
  10. J

    What I like about Yasmin Gardens

    Just returned from our apartment after 3 weeks at Yasmin Gardens. It is looking great. Flowers have been planted to compliment the greenery, the pools are filled and the new cafe/bar was almost completed when we left. Everyone is friendly at Yasmin , and we learn new things and find new...
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    What i like about yasmin gardens

    You can't fault the pool and the surrounding area.It is very impressive, plenty of room to chill and sunbathe.The apartments have not been squashedly built.Inside they are very spacious.The staff,Darlene, Murat and Len do go that extra mile to make your stay as comfortable as poss.My clients...
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    Problems at Yasmin, re builder.

    Hello all. Hope you are well. Wondering what the weather is doing out there also. We have just heard a rumour that there maybe great problems with the builders on the Yasmin Gardens site (where our apartment is ) and he has stopped work and there are major problems with him possibly going...
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    yasmin hall & stairs

    yasmin olivia hall & stairs :114mf: Hi all in yasmin. Can anyone tell me is the hall & stairs clean yet, as we are coming out on 23.09.08 with friends. Last out in july ,Hall & stairs where a mess. Web cams are very good around complex.dreaming of a nice swim in pool as looking out of office...
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    going to yasmin in july 2.07.08

    Will take lots of pics and post some.Is there more news about yasmin. As anyone been fishing in akbuk. :3:
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    going to yasmin

    hi we are jim and sheila, we own a duplex on yakamoz. we are going out on the 21st march - 31st march, would love to meet any new neighbours that are there at the same time.
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    News from Yasmin

    Hi all, just back and what a lovely time we had furnishing our appartment. The site is absolutely fantastic, a bit more work to do and its still a bit dusty but they have done a really good job, the pool is grown and is tiled ready to be filled 1st May just a little bit of tiling to do on the...
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    Yazamoz, Yasmin Gardens Complex

    As at 17th October 2007. Apartments A5, B5 and B8 Yakamoz, Yasmin Gardens Complex, Akbuk, are NOT for sale, and will not be for the forseeable future. We are in financial disbute with the current builders of Yasmin Gardens Complex and would not want any other people unwittingly involved. Do...
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    Another update on Yasmin Gardens

    We have just returned after 4 weeks in our appt. B1 Yakamoz. Weather beautiful, Akbuk still a very sleepy but pretty village! This will be of particular interest to people who like us purchased through Parador Properties. We were under the impression (from our Parador Rep) that the builder...
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