1. lorraine


    Yesterday I finally got my dear hubby to take me out for a few hours (such a stick in the mud!) We went for a drive to Katranci beach for a wander round, it is as beautiful as ever, just wanted to have a look before it get crowded. Then I talked him into have a drive around Yaniklar (approx...
  2. M

    Property purchase in Yaniklar

    Hi Just thought we'd report on our very recent experiences of purchasing our apartment in the Oasis Complex at Yaniklar - with Hanel Houses. We recieved our keys last week, and have been busy furnishing our apartment. We have found everything to be completed to a very high standard and the...
  3. holidayworld

    Purchasers of YANIKLAR Project Warning.

    Just to inform anyone that has an Apartment ot Villa with ...... estates at YANIKLAR YOU will have a very big problem with them either Selling or even Renting them out as there are NO TAPU's NO NOTHING, so watch out if you have bought one or are even looking at ...... Estates in Fethiye they...
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