1. S

    Lady on the yali bus

    I would just like to wish the lovely lady I met on the dolmus on Thursday a very happy 60th birthday. I am sorry I do not know your name, your husband was George and you came from somewhere round Newcastle. If you read this forum have a lovely day and if we could ever be of any help to you...
  2. Sweetnighter

    Yali park development

    NEW SHOPPING MALL DEVELOPMENT ADJACENT TO GARANTI BANK ROUNDABOUT.........another sign of the continuing upwardly mobile development of YALIKAVAK.
  3. L

    Bus Times to Yali

    Hi, Anyone know the current bus times from 'Hillview Gardens' or is it known as 'Yalikavak Gardens' now and what time does it leave the bus terminus at Gumuskaya. Thanks
  4. yalimart

    Yali Vegas

    This is currently doing the rounds on the Yalikavak facebook forums The guy that built the marina wants to see a massive expansion of the village facillities plus ! Bodrum?a ?anzelize?yi getiriyor | Songül Hat?saru | Milliyet.com.tr Ive copied the translation from one of the posts In-depth...
  5. M


    hi all, going to gumuskaya in 2 weeks time, we have not been to our place for nearly 2 years, can anybody give me the best places to eat, a good boat trip from yalikavak or gundogan, also the price of beer cheers
  6. L

    Curtain Shops in Yali

    Any recommendations/costs for curtain shops, need someone to come out measure up etc. Thanks
  7. D

    Yali curry house - curry evenİng 14 jan

    YALI CURRY HOUSE -CURRY EVENİNG on Saturday 14 January 2012 ,7 PM STARTER -Samosa (Mint Sauce) & Onion Bhaji MAİN COURSE –Choice of Chicken or Vegetable with a Madras or Tikka Masla Sauce (Safron Boiled Rice) One local Drink and Water Included 25.00 tl OR Lamb Main Couse 35 tl For...
  8. Y

    our review of Yali restaurants

    Having spent 4 weeks in our friends lovely villa in Yali I thought I would give my reviews on some of the places we ate in SOFIS lovely sea front setting , food nice but a tad expensive compared to others downside -- the waiter just would not leave our daughters alone , they felt...
  9. ronnievodka

    re buying furniture in Yali

    We would like to buy a new suite for our apartment in Yalikavak but have no idea where the best places are to get one. If anyone has any ideas we would really appreciate a reply. Has anyone bought one recently? if so can you give us an idea of the price range. Many Thanks Look Forward to hearing...
  10. Peaceplant

    Transfer Bodrum to Yali

    We're considering either hiring a car or getting a transfer this time. Anyone got any recommendations for a transfer from Bodrum airport to Yalikavak for 4 people? What's the going rate at the mo and does anyone know how much an airport taxi is charging? Thanks :)
  11. Y

    Yali in October

    Hi all This year we are thinking of delaying our annual trip to Yalikavak until October half term. I have checked a couple of weather sites for an idea of temperatures etc but theres is nothing like personal feedback. Any advice on what weather we should expect during the day and evening plus...
  12. P

    Yali from Friday.

    We fly from Liverpool to Bodrum on Friday. For once , we arrive at a sane time 1330 at Bodrum. we usually end up arriving in the middle of the night. Anyone else from here on that flight why not say hello. I have been asked by a couple of members, if we could have a meetup in town...
  13. B

    Yali tennis club

    Anyone used the club before? My boys would like some coaching. Where do you go to book the courts? Thank you
  14. Y

    Migros Yali Money Card Points

    Hi, I often use Migros online shopping service, when you register they give you a virtual Money card to collect points. (If you don't already have a money card) I have been using this virtual card for about 14 months. Does anybody know how I redeem my points/check how many I have? I have looked...
  15. M

    Holiday Home Owners Missing Yali????

    What with the recent horrible icy weather in the Uk , who longs to get back to their holiday homes in the Yali sunshine next summer????
  16. S11AUN

    tele in yali!

    Hi all, could anyone tell me the best place around Yalikavak to buy a television and what is the best "English package" to buy? (as many channels as possible but as cheap as possible). Thanks Shaun:114mf:
  17. Y

    Just love Yali

    Have joint co-owned a villa in Yali for 3 years, and sadly have only visited as many times. I have just registered with this forum as i find alot of threads on here, extremely useful, what a fab way to keep informed. I only wish that I could be sending this from our villa instead of rainy UK...
  18. O

    back from yali

    here we go our villa was fantastic and thank god for air con the weather a few degrees to hot for me but great for the rest of our party i found everybody i met friendly and very helpful a couple of taxi drivers a bit to touchy feelie with the mrs didnt find the restaurants that great and the...
  19. S

    Banks changing old notes near Yali

    Hi Does anyone know the nearest bank to Yalikavak where I can change some pre 2009 notes. Many Thanks Nicola
  20. P

    Back to Yali July 24

    Can't wait to get back to Yalikavak . Are there any members going July 24 to Aug 5. We fly from Manchester via Thomascook . TCX277. Maybe we will see you over there sometime. It will be great to get away from the rain here. Pete
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