1. turkishknashers

    how far from pelin hotel to yakamoz & bike hire ?

    hope someone can help as haven't stayed in calis before only fethiye, how long would it take from pelin hotel to yakamoz restaurant ( walking) and does anyone know where i can hire two bicycles from in calis, is there anywhere near to the pelin hotel ? any help would be great ! thanks sam :roundgrin
  2. T

    Up date on Yakamoz

    Just to let everybody know that the lawns at Yakamos have just been reseeded, hopefully by next Spring we shoud finally have grass!!
  3. T

    New Member The Fullers B1 Yakamoz

    Hi everybody, We have just returned from Akbuk, Yasmin Gardens. It is coming on well. The top soil has just gone down on Yakamoz and after a few trials a decision has been made to seed the grass. When we arrived a small plot had been seeded to see if it would grow and when we left this 'patch'...
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