1. V

    Easyjet £29 Xmas sale

    Easyjet has released its autumn/winter flights with one way prices fixed at £29.99 including taxes if booked before midnight on 24 March. They have also reduced hold baggage prices to £14 per sector. The airline is also operating Dalaman to Gatwick twice a week during the winter, and Manchester...
  2. D

    Xmas Presents.

    So what did everybody get for Christmas then.??? My family clubbed together to buy me a Voucher for some Clinic in Switzerland. Although, it looks like they could only afford a One Way Flight..
  3. D

    Xmas Cracker Jokes.

    The man who invented Cough Drops died today, there will be NO Coffin at his Funeral. The Man who invented Velcro died today. R.I.P.
  4. V

    Xmas flights £53 return

    Anyone wanting a Xmas trip back to the UK can pick up a bargain with Thomas Cook. Flights from Dalaman to Gatwick on 23 December for £19.99 and return 3 January £32.99
  5. Camden

    Xmas beware

    Someone put on my twitter a notice of beware, and to pass it on. They complained but still on sale it seems, they bought this candle from Primark Sat for £5 be careful out there of some decorations.

    Xmas decorations

    Must be the first member to put up my Xmas decorations.
  7. S

    Xmas Tv

    Whilst it seems to get even worse ever year-daft soaps "first time on TV movies"- which means you saw them a year ago online, pointless celebrities sharing their Xmas (pre recorded in July)- at least some of the regular ones from years ago are no longer on Christmas with Val Doonigan- total...
  8. S

    Xmas dinner at hotel/restaurants

    It never ceases to amaze me the exorbitant price charged for Xmas Day din dins in hotels and restaurants A newspaper article recently here highlighted some of our local prices with the most expensive being £115!!!! Anyone know of any even higher than that extortionate price?
  9. S

    Bah I wanted one for Xmas!!!!

  10. S

    Sleepys Xmas Prezzy

    Don't say I never get you anything Sleepy Put this on your Ghetto Blaster https://youtu.be/mrVzhXOANSk
  11. juco

    Xmas dont drink & drive!

    It wont be long before the drink driving campaigns start. Never being to sure what my level would read in the morning I decided to buy one of those cheap electronic breathalysers. Most say they are not accurate. However I disregard the actual reading it makes as to whether it is legal or not...
  12. S

    Xmas Turkey Anyone?

    Few years back in the glory days of all year flights-partly thanks to the wacky folk at Goldtrail and Onurair -many of us enjoyed a Xmas/New Year in Turkey. Between company closures and flight cutbacks it's virtually impossible getting there direct from U.K./Ireland over Xmas ( Belfast/Dalaman...
  13. S

    Best Xmas Prezzy

    Thinking back to Xmas's over the years my best ever prezzy was a train set. I got it when I was 12 and for the next 7 years for both bday and Xmas I got more and more model train stuff. I also saved my pocket money and when started work still added to my railway Thinking back if I had kept...
  14. S

    Xmas spirit

    As we approach another Xmas surely it's a time on Tlf when wealthier members should think of their more depraved, sorry deprived fellow members and maybe put together an Xmas whip round. We poor 'uns aren't looking much, maybe just a turkey leg, small sherry mince pie Audi R8, you know the sort...
  15. S

    TLF Members Xmas dinner

    A Xmas dinner thread got me thinking maybe we could have a TLF Chrissy Din Dins All we need is someone with a posh house to host, couple of our more competent members to cook etc Mushtaq has kindly offered to pay for the food and Spurs will pick up the booze bill with his winnings from his...
  16. V

    Xmas cards for soldiers

    Anyone thinking of acting on a Facebook request to send anonymous recovering soldiers a Christmas card to a Birmingham hospital have been asked NOT to as there is no such scheme in operation and the sheer volume of cards is stopping vital mail for patients and staff getting through. The hoax...
  17. suzyq

    Cameron Wants EU Deal Before Xmas

    David Cameron is pressing 27 other European heads of government to accept his terms for deciding Britain’s future in the EU at a Brussels summit in two weeks’ time, the summit chairman said. Donald Tusk, the president of the European council, who will chair the crucial summit on 17 December...
  18. immac

    Çalış Xmas Fair

    The Christmas fair is next Sunday - 6th. Weather forecast at the moment is OK. It is in aid of the children´s charity. Many stalls selling all sorts of things. Even has Father Christmas in a parade. Well worth a visit. Ian
  19. Marirabbit

    Xmas trees!!

    Hi everyone. I realise that Christmas will currently be the last thing on your mind right now - especially those of you baking in the Turkish sunshine, however I'm in a bit of a quandary. We're moving out there shortly and have already booked Pickfordts to transport a part container of personal...
  20. V

    Pegasus Xmas flights

    Pegasus have just released their Christmas/Winter flights. Dalaman to Stansted via Istanbul for £82 return including 20kg hold baggage and 8kgs hand luggage.
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