1. N


    Been looking for flights from Bristol to Bodrum next August, couldn't get flights to show on internet so rang xl and was informed that they are not flying Bristol to Bodrum in 2008. What a bummer!!!!! :27:
  2. Mushtaq

    Excel Airways (xl.com) Flight Nightmare

    I booked a flight to Hurghada (Egypt) on XL.com for a week, the flight departure time was 11:30am, we boarded a little late (nothing unusual about that) but then we sat in the plane for couple of hours while we are told very little. After about 2.5hrs we are told that the engine needs a spare...
  3. peter the postie

    Grrr... XL.COM!!

    I double booked our daughter & kids on one of their flights by mistake. Same flight, exactly the same 3 names etc. I just phoned XL thinking they would refund the deposit (£120) of one of the bookings as it was such an obvious mistake, and the ******s said if we cancel one of the bookings they...
  4. M


    please be aware that this firm if you book on there site are not taking deposits on there flights they want the full amount at the time of booking,this changed on 01/11/2006 and its not clear on the site until its too late .
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