1. bal canavar

    WW1 Centenary

    The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime Sir Edward Grey
  2. B

    WW1 Commemoration - BBC1 "Britain's Great War"

    Good series started last night on BBC1 "Britain's Great War" presented by Jeremy Paxman, much of the first episode concentrated on the people left at home when the troops went off to fight. Bill.
  3. B

    Soil from WW1 battlefields arrives in UK.

    BBC News - WWI 'sacred soil' ceremony takes place in London A nice gesture and delivery by the Belgians. I just hope that the ceremony to commemorate those who died in WW1 goes as well. Bill.
  4. altinkum kev

    WW1 mine removed.

    They removed a WW1 mine today from the sea just off 3rd beach,it was reported a few days ago and the army etc have inspected and removed it today.
  5. shirleyanntr

    turkish ww1 pows in isle of man

    first off i think this sub forum should have a different name from 'lessons'..im no teacher..and i wish we would all contribute..not just me... now ive said that heres my post :) i saw an interesting piece about Turkish prisoners of war in the ─░sle of Man..and was wondering if anyone had heard...
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