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    Wrought Iron Furniture

    We are looking to purchase some wrought iron furniture (couple of armchairs and a table) for an outside terrace area in our recently acquired duplex apartment in Kalkan. As expected the local manufacturers are extremely expensive. I wondered if anyone had names of other companies a bit further...
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    Wrought iron

    Hello I am looking to buy a wrought iron grid for my kitchen window. Can anyone give me any idea where the best place to go to get one would be? Thanks in advance. :help:
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    Wrought iron gates and grilles etc

    Hi, can anyone recommend a blacksmith in the Fethiye/Calis area who would be able to make gates, grilles and beds etc. Thanks.
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    Wrought Iron- free

    If anyone wants two wrought iron windows standard size. One to fit 3 panel and one for a two panel window. On first floor apartment in Hunter's Valley free to take off and take away. These are expensive to buy. Please pm if they are any good to anyone.
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    Architectural Wrought ironworks and furniture

    Hello ,We can offer you Wrought iron Furniture and accssories for your unique homes in Turkey,Also we can offer you wrought iron railings,fences,window guards,etc. if you need something about iron We will assist you. For this forum ONLY...delivery free... www.osmanlidemircisi.com
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