1. mollag

    English as written by a foreigner?

    It seems that it is not just immigrants that need English grammar lessons. :15:
  2. B

    Condo fees and written documents

    I am hoping some members might be able to express opinions on the following as I am getting conflicting answers from both lawyers and non lawyers. I have two fairly straightforward questions: 1) If a potential buyer agrees to write a paper stating that part of the purchase deal includes paying...
  3. raven

    Book to save animals, nature and the poor written by Turkish Student

    Hi I thought this was inspirational and thought I should share this article. Tolga Babür, a 16-year-old high school student, has started a charity project for what he calls the three fundamental aspects of the world, by making use of global online hotel booking giant Booking.com’s affiliate...
  4. C

    Utility bills written in Turkish

    I am presuming that all your utillity bills like gas electric etc come written in Trukish. How do you all go about deciphering them so that you can understand them. Also more importatly, do you get your bank statements written in Turkish or English. I tend to worry about the finer details of...
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