1. G

    Camel wrestling in Mahmutlar???

    Hi Guys, This is a wonderfully weird question..........does anybody know anything about the Camel wrestling which is supposed to be taking place in Mahmutlar on 25th???? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. grandadturk

    camel wrestling

    Can anyone please tell me the dates for camel wrestling in Turgutreis 2015, thank you:49:
  3. mamish

    Oil Wrestling in Mugla

    Oil wrestling competitions taking place next Saturday 16 August! They are being held in Kavaklidere this time, just beyond Mugla. Definitely worth going - I really enjoyed the last ones. We have painters and plumbers working in our house at the moment, but if they've all gone by Saturday...
  4. Jaycey

    The wrestling ballerina (?)

    I’m really not into wrestling but this has got to be the most hilarious bout ever! THE MOST HILARIOUS WRESTLING MATCH EVER ! - YouTube
  5. mamish

    Oil Wrestling near Koycegiz

    Oil wrestling this Sunday (25 May) in Beyagac - about 1.5-2 hrs from Koycegiz. I don't know if it'll be fit men or fat men, but I'll be there anyway! :47:
  6. R

    18 Aug 2013 FREE TRIP to Turkish Oil Wrestling Tournament and Folk Festival

    Dear Friends! Kestel Municipality major Mr. Adem Murat YÜCEL and Alanya International Club (Mahmutlar Friends International) invites all of you to 1 day unique trip to turkish traditional Oil Wrestling Tournament and Folk Festival which takes place every year in Gokbel Yaylasi, which is situated...
  7. abba

    Oil Wrestling Champion from Antalya

    Congratulations to the third consecutive time winner of the Gold Belt. OTHERS - Turkey?s oil wrestling champion delivers late father?s dream after 25 years
  8. M

    Camel Wrestling

    Camel Wrestling today in Altinkum. Great day out and a good laugh, went last year. Good to see the Turks enjoying themselves and a lot of money changes hands. You think the Turks don't gamble or drink?, Come and see but don't get too close to the male camels when they are aroused you'll get...
  9. altinkumforum

    1st Camel Wrestling Festival in Didim

    Hi Guys, We all have heard that camel wrestling is a good day out and fun, its normally organised in surrounding areas of aydin and izmir. But now Didim Council announced the first camel wrestling festival is in Didim on 26th Feb. 2012 (Sunday) , location is in front of Altinkum Mine Sitesi (i...
  10. P

    Camel wrestling selcuk 2012

    An Epic journey read on!!!! So we left the Wine house in Didim at 9.15am today and stopped off at a cafe/bar in Selcuk for an early lunch as we were told it was expensive in the ground. This contest has been on since Friday, but it is not at Selcuk but almost near the beach near Aqua fantasy...
  11. teresa

    Camel wrestling Fethiye

    Deve güreşleri is in Fethiye today and we are going for a look. Fethiye Times.com | Camel Wrestling Coming to Town!
  12. Freedom 49

    What no Oil Wrestling?

    Hi, Talking to pals earlier about original Turkish sports. i.e. Oil Wrestling, Camel Wrestling and Cirit. Can't find anything about any Oil wrestling fixtures in the Antalya/Alanya areas and wondered if anyone had any info? It's great spectator sport and they have a whole range of contests...
  13. Yalides


    Wrestling is the Turkish National Sport. Basic requirements: flatten a field in the middle of nowhere, ring off an inner circle and bring your tractors. If you have a shop, restaurant, or just your own front room put it on a tractor trailer combo, park it up and enjoy. Set up stalls selling...
  14. M

    Camel Wrestling in Bodrum 31st Jan 2011

    I've just read in the Bodrum Bulletin that there will be Camel wrestling in Bodrum on 31st January, as we have never been to this before and we will be in Bodrum, I thought it might be something a bit different to do, but a couple of questions to anyone who has been :~ 1) Is this regarded...
  15. M


    I have just noticed that at the bottom of each page, it says that the style is provided by Wrestling Clique. Pardon? Who are these grapplers? Is this part of the Kent Walton Appreciation Society? Just like to know these things. Maisie
  16. M

    camel wrestling 2010

    Could anybody please tell me where the camel wrestling will be held in ortakent this year i know it is around this time of year and had a feeling it maybe this weekend. I wıll be travellşng from gümbet so any info would be gratefully appreceiated.
  17. ceemac

    Camel Wrestling

    While camel wrestling may be viewed primarily as a traditional winter pastime in the Aegean, it also brings in hard money that meets public needs and ensures the provision of municipal services. Here Enjoy a quick experience of a day at the wrestling; C
  18. ceemac

    Grease Wrestling

    Grease Wrestling, (Yağlı Güreş), is the Turkish national sport and every year, in July, wrestling championships are held in Kırkpınar, outside Edirne. The contest is made more difficult by the fact that the wrestlers smear themselves with oil. For 630 years the celebrated Kırkpınar oil...
  19. Lindacm

    Camel Wrestling

    It's camel wrestling season. Details & dates below for those who might be interested. We would like to go, has anyone been? Camel wrestling While the Spanish have bullfights, and the Italians cockfights, and the English go hunting with hounds, the Turks have camel wrestling. Camel...
  20. KKOB

    Camel Wrestling

    Thanks to Buraksan for posting this info on the TripAdvisor Forum If anybody is interested, the 2009 schedule of the traditional Camel Wrestling in the Aegean has been announced. For people who doesn't know, it's not a blody thing like a bull fight, it's just a traditional competition where...
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