1. H

    Wow - it's Mojive's Birthday !

    Have a great Birthday Mojive.. Hilary x
  2. mamish

    WOW! meeting 21 February, 11am to 1pm

    At the next WOW! meeting we're going to be looking at the colour energy of your name and the chakra development it represents. From this you can gain insight into your soul lesson in this lifetime, what experience you have gained in previous lifetimes that will help you on your journey, and...
  3. mamish

    WOW! meeting 17 January

    Next WOW! meeting is Saturday 17 January, 11am to 1pm, Dogusbelen near Koycegiz. We're going to be discussing the moon - magic, myths, science and spells. The moon may or may not influence plant, animal and human behaviour. There are as many studies "confirming" its effects as there are...
  4. mamish

    It's WOW! time again...

    Next WOW! (Women of the World) meeting is Saturday 6 December, 11am to 1pm. And this time it's all about magic, and its use of spells, charms, ritual and ceremony. Yesterday’s magic is today’s science. Today's magic may be tomorrow's science! Spells, charms, ritual and ceremony are part of...
  5. mamish

    WOW! Women of the World in Koycegiz

    Next WOW! meeting is Saturday 8 November 11am to 1pm in Dogusbelen, near Koycegiz. We're going to be doing some experiments to explore our "sixth sense", and to see how sensitive we are to energies, how intuitive we are, and how we can pick up information by extrasensory means. I have a few...
  6. mamish

    WOW! Women of the World in Koycegiz

    Just over a week to the next Koycegiz WOW! meeting on 4 October. Everyone welcome - you just need basic English to join in so it's a good opportunity to explore something new and practice the language too! Share, chat, relax, learn, enjoy, mingle, chill, meet...... 11 am to 1 pm. Dogusbelen -...
  7. mamish

    WOW! Women's development group in Koycegiz

    Saturday 6 September is WOW! day.... Mark it in your calendar now. 11am to 1pm in Dogusbelen, close to Koycegiz The topic chosen by those at the last meeting is SHAMANISM. So if you want to discuss the what's, why's, and wherefore's of Shamanism, do come along. The more the merrier! No charge...
  8. mamish

    The 28 Day Challenge and WOW!

    It's just over a year since I ran my last 28 Day Challenge (online) and we had over 50 participants - not just in Turkey, but other places too (and including some TLF'rs). I have a request to run it again - for repeats and for newbies (always good to go over it again and strengthen the...
  9. mamish

    WOW! again..

    Well the first meeting of WOW! (Women of the World) was very successful and the next one is planned for: Saturday 26 July, 11am to 1pm. The topic will be HYPNOSIS Open to all women in the area (or visiting), this is not a workshop - this is a social event with a theme, and there is no charge...
  10. mamish

    WOW! Women of the World

    New women’s group in Koycegiz.... (Sorry, guys—women only - and no smart comments please!) Every month or thereabouts, depending on the weather, the season, the mood, and the moon! Do you want to unfold your wings, expand your mind , explore the unknown and learn more about what we call...
  11. arrian

    Wow! Don't you just love this!!!!!!!!

    my six weeks old great grand daughter is just like this (on her own, obviously!) beautiful picture Heartwarming pictures of sleeping babies taken by photographer Karen Wiltshire | Mail Online .
  12. mamish

    WOW! Women of the World Meeting

    Make a note of the next meeting - Friday 1 November, 12.30-2.30pm. Ayana Restaurant, Yahsi Beach, Ortakent, Bodrum. MIND OVER AGING! You can be old at 25, stuck in a mindset, reluctant to try something new or to step out of your comfort zone........OR, you can be young at 75, looking for new...
  13. mamish

    WOW! meeting Friday 6 September

    Just a week to the next WOW! (Women of the World) meeting - time flies! The topic is "Intuition - Trusting your Inner Voice". If you are like many people, you may already have a good idea what intuition is and the role it plays in your life. Perhaps you have had experiences like these: • You had...
  14. mamish

    WOW! meeting Friday 2 August

    The next WOW! (Women of the World) monthly meeting is on Friday 2 August in Bodrum, from 12.30 to 2.30pm. This is a discussion group open to all women who are interested in exploring topics around mind, body, emotions, spirit, etc. There is no charge, all nationalities welcome but the...
  15. arrian

    Optical Illusion! WOW!

    this is so good, yet so simple :hmm: .
  16. kaplumba


    I have been to Datca a couple of times this year but out of season before everything got going. Now it is in full swing and there are some new things. Wow, today we sauntered down the steps from my place to the beach and at the bottom of the steps there is a new beach bar/restaurant at Villa...
  17. Freedom 49

    WOW! Christmas Already.

    Just a quick one to wish all TLF members and visitors a happy time.:255ji::50: Looks like Penguin John likes to get away from all the razzamatazz??
  18. arrian

    wow! what a picture!

    Moscow Zoo orangutan kisses little boy on the lips... almost! | Mail Online
  19. hennah1

    wow! take a chill pill guys!

    we are husband n wife, just dont need to feel we both have to sit together on 1 laptop together at the same time to chat n make friends! and if we are having a giggle between ourselves at the same time! AND WHAT? were not breaking any forum rules are we?:animation
  20. arrian

    Pot holes? WOW!!!!

    and we complain about the size of ours!!! Lorry Swallowed By Hole In Chinese Bridge - Yahoo! News
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