1. Y

    Wot happened to sunriseroaster?

    ??? :slapme:
  2. E

    Wot happened to sunriseroaster?

    Wos he toasted?
  3. Helenm150

    Wot no icecream!

    I just polished off meatballs and salad and 2 glasses of red wine - had a bath and now settling down to watch the tele in my dressing gown - but got a desperate sweet tooth (probably the 2 glasses of wine lol)! My options in the sweet department are pathetic: - packet of Garibaldi biscuits - 2...
  4. peter the postie

    Can u spel beter than wot he can?

    Amazing! yamaha fs1e fs1 fizzy ap50 ap 50 on eBay (end time 25-Jan-10 16:20:18 GMT)
  5. D

    Wot no Evin!!!!!!

    My nightmare has come true.Went into Akguller today to get a couple of bottles of Evin white wine and found its been replaced!!Whats worse,its been replaced by some stuff that we tried a couple of days ago and I poured it down the sink it was so bad.What are we going to do now?I wonder if its...
  6. Aleynasdad

    Wot no footie?

    Just coem back from UK hols to find no one seems to know where the premier league is on Turkish TV this year. Someone told me TV8 but cant find anything. Others said Lig TV but theres nothing there. Now checking on an international website it says Sports max whuich sounds like a digiturk channel...
  7. A

    Wot no telephones!

    From Today's Turkish Daily news. I post this not as a criticism, but you have to smile. :307bt: SERKAN KILINÇ TRABZON – Doğan News Agency Since its main telephone cables were stolen, people living in the Armutlu neighborhood of Trabzon are trying to reach their loved-ones by climbing...
  8. D

    Its the weekend yippee - Wot u doin' ?

    Got that Friday afternoon feeling what are you doing this weekend? Instead of riding, lazing around the pool and early nights, tonite the washing machine is agoing (six weeks worth - ironing can wait till wednesday). Shine restaurant curry tonite then out about town in Calis meet up with...
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