1. Tenpin

    IMF: Global economy will suffer worst year since Depression

    https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/amp/imf-global-economy-will-suffer-worst-year-since-depression-153878 Beaten down by the coronavirus outbreak, the world economy in 2020 will suffer its worst year since the Great Depression of the 1930s, the International Monetary Fund says in its latest...
  2. A

    Sunlight Gardens ... the very worst hotel in Side ...

    I went to meet a friend at Reception of the Sunlight Garden Hotel today and have never met such very impolite people working in a hotel. The Receptionist to begin with was downright rude to me, then ordered me to give her some ID. I said I would only be there for 5 minutes as I had my shopping...
  3. S

    Worst bars

    As an antidote to my thread about unusual and appealing hostelries what about the worst pubs you have encountered - Sadly in this part of Beal Feirste we have a few dives Not going into some of the utterly shocking stuff during our conflict but keeping it to " normal times" only- Two I can...
  4. B

    Best and Worst Prime Ministers

    The ten greatest prime ministers of all time ? and the five worst I think that this list is worth debating. Bill.
  5. T

    UK streets with best & worst broadband speeds

    Thought some people might be interested in this. On the news tonight they mentioned that this might even affect house prices. Britain's best and worst streets for broadband speed revealed | This is Money Which how to complain and campaign against slow broadband How to complain about your...
  6. juco

    Porn, worst countries for veiwing.

    This surprised me.
  7. Yalides

    Presumption at its worst.

    David Beckham gets into a taxi and he sees the driver looking at him in the rear view mirror. After about 5 minutes the driver says, "OK give me a clue?" Beckham says, "I had a glittering career at Manchester United, played in America and got over a 100 caps for England, is that...
  8. Jaycey

    World's worst football team

    BBC Sport - The Englishman in charge of the worst team in the world
  9. bickern

    What's the worst gift you have ever been given

    Hot on the heels of Val's post it got me thinking about a topic that I hopefully don't need a tin hat for, so here is my question. What's the worst gift you have ever been given or maybe purposely given to someone else. I do admit to recycling pressies, I just panic that I don't give the same...
  10. Yalides

    Worst town, city in UK

    Crap Towns Returns poll: Hemel Hempstead tops ugliest list, now votes are open to find dullest | Mail Online Which would be your choice ?
  11. Yalides

    Worst airport in UK

    Haven`t used them all but Manchester is top of our list.
  12. Yalides

    Worst resorts in UK/Turkey

    Clacton on sea and Hisaronu. Should twin these two dumps. What are your choices ?
  13. C

    Worst ever acronym

    Most people are aware of the abbreviations used in the armed forces around the world. The SAS are regarded as the best in the world, the SBS are lesser known but also highly trained. In France the French foreign legion have their own elite - Commandos de recherche et d ,action en le...
  14. S

    worst Xmas ever

    lets bring the mood down whats the worst Xmas you have ever had or what really would make it a crap Xmas when my late bruv and me were teenagers one year my parents went off to our aunts at Xmas. Despite regular warnings to sort out Xmas food etc we did nothing. Xmas dinner was vesta curries
  15. Yalides

    Worst job in India

    And you thought you had a bad job: Indian 'sewer diver' paid just £3.50 a day (plus a bottle of booze) to unclog Delhi's drains | Mail Online What a s***e job.
  16. R

    valley car hire - when the worst happens

    Hi all Lots of people on here have pointed out how the cheapest car hire quote isn't always the best and I've heard horror stories about excess problems. Well - in July we went into Yali for the night and left the car parked up, taking a taxi home, because we'd been drinking. The next morning...
  17. perfect1949

    this must be the worst nightmare ever

    Michelina Lewandowska: Buried alive woman says Marcin Kasprzak 'told her he hated her' | Mail Online can't imagine what it must of been like to be buried alive . dave
  18. S

    Worst Dalaman Airport Rip off?

    Any of you that fancy a glass of wine at Dalaman airport-beware! One glass= £18!!!!! Fethiye Times.com | Dalaman Airport Light Meal Leaves Couple £60 Poorer
  19. peter the postie

    The worst employee stats in the world???

    Can you imagine working for a company that only has a little more than 635 employees, but....... has the following employee statistics........... 29 have been accused of spouse abuse 7 have been arrested for fraud 9 have been accused of writing bad cheques 17 have directly or...
  20. lara

    The worst Mother's Day present!

    Years ago, I was given an IRON.............................how wrong is that.:der: My friends husband gave her a pocket calculator, so she could add up what she was spending in the supermarket, she wouldn't have minded so much had she not found out that the calculator was a free gift from a...
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