1. M


    Hi all been a long time since I have been on the forum,we used to have a apartment in myndoshills sold about 5 years ago,think of a return to Turkey thinking of yali but bit concerned about the lack of activity on all the bodrumsms forums is no_ left there or British tourists not visiting any...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Expats worried about forced return to UK

    British pensioners in Spain worry Brexit could force them to return to UK Kelly Hall, Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Birmingham,The Conversation Spain is home to more than 100,000 British pensioners. Most moved there many years ago to enjoy their retirement with the understanding...
  3. I

    help needed to find out info on a seasonal worker

    Hi All Im worried, A lady friend has been having an online relationship with a seasonal worker in Didim and she is about to travel over and meet him, Id really like to know if anybody knows this guy and has any information on him Good or Bad, He may be a good guy, who knows, but she is 12 years...
  4. R


    Myself and my husband are 2 weeks away from buying out Turkish property we were advised to keep it to one name my husbands and to make a will in England if he dies I would get it now I'm reading that it goes straight to children we have one between us and he has two from previous marriage what...
  5. E

    Is no one worried about Islamification of Turkey?

    Just came across this little snippet of news and once again wondered at the fact that as far as I can tell not many expats are particularly worried about the ongoing islamification of Turkey. Women-only beach to be opened in top Turkish tourism center - LOCAL Do you think it will not continue...
  6. D

    Worried about female dog

    Just returned to Dublin yesterday after spending 4 nights in Gumusluk. Not long enough! A lovely, friendly, female dog"attached" herself to me and my husband for the few days. Of course I was feeding her. We stayed in Club Hotel Zemda and she stayed in the complex close to us even though they...
  7. I

    A bit worried

    Probably premature to post in the Cancer section however I am not sure where else to put it. Had my mammogram (I've been having them annually for a while) and Ultrasound today and in the ultrasound the doctor spotted that one of the cysts' contents had changed from liquid to solid. My...
  8. bickern

    For those worried about medical treatment in Turkey

    Doctors perform world's first quadruple limb transplant to attach two arms and legs to a man. The world's first ever quadruple limb transplant was carried out by surgeons at a Turkish hospital today who attached two arms and two legs to a young man. The operation took 20 hours to complete and...
  9. Yildez Datca

    Worried about Yalides!!!!

    Has he lost the plot? Or is he simply bored? He's started so many threads I've lost count and feel dizzy! Maybe he had a sudden rush of blood to the head? Or maybe that large plant he was growing in a corner of the garden has matured and he's taking it instead of his vitamins? Whatever it is...
  10. K

    Confused and worried...

    story so far...entered turkey on a tourist visa with intention to apply for residency while there. did so before tourist visa expired in manavgat where we live. police told me to go back later to pick up the permit. had to return to UK before receving the permit. at the airport in antalya...
  11. M

    Monday worried about Tapu

    Hi there! I hope someone can help. My new partner divorced his wife a few years ago and the financial settlement was very bitter and had to be settled in the courts because both parties wanted ownership of their Turkish property. In the end my partner bought out his ex wife`s share with units...
  12. Peaceplant

    Worried about my girls!

    I have decided to remove this post because I am not comfortable naming names and drawing attention to people without their knowledge. Thank you to the 2 persons who have pm'd me and Mo for her kind words. I now know where the person is but not my cats but am pursuing it. Thanks :35:
  13. B

    Worried about my bank account in Turkey

    Hi 5 years ago i did something foolish and opened a bank account in Turkey, and also gave a proxy to someone to control it.I did not have any personal funds in the account at any time.I went to the bank and spoke with the staff and manager to see if the account had been closed as i had been...
  14. stevecarol

    Im so worried

    Does anyone know how Yalimart is? im so worried as no one seems to have seen him around since the beating his beloved Mancs took on sunday. I do hope he is ok and not done anything silly.:bigkiss:
  15. tykatem

    Egypt Crisis Has Nine Arab Leaders Worried

    Egypt Crisis Has Nine Arab Leaders Worried (c) Sky News 2011 The protests in Tunisia and now Egypt have several Arab leaders concerned about the prospect of dissent spreading to their country. YEMEN President Ali Abdullah Saleh came to power in 1978. He rules over the poorest country in the...
  16. Mushtaq

    Should we be worried about early puberty?

    Why are girls now regularly starting puberty aged eight and nine? And how easy is it to cope at primary school? Joanna Moorhead reports Hannah only turned eight a couple of months ago – but she has already started puberty. Her mother, Liz, is shocked. "Over the last few weeks her nipples have...
  17. T

    Who is still worried about Swine Flu??

    All those worried about Swine Flu,Bird Flu,SARS,Terrorism etc etc Have a read of this latest news from China. Chinese Town Sealed Off After Plague Outbreak 5 hours 54 mins ago © Sky News 2009 Print Story A town of 10,000 people in north west China has been sealed off from the outside world...
  18. ted j

    I'm Really Worried

    I'm Really Worried , Just Been On "This Morning" That The Queen Has Lost £50 Million On Her Shares. How Is She Going To Cope Now?:9:
  19. Madwife

    We're worried! re Making Contact with Erhan

    We've bought on Phase 1, Zeus block E . We were over there the first week in February, yes the very snowy week here in UK. We visited the site a couple of times & chatted with Erhan. Our completion date is like NOW, and we're going out again on this Friday (27th March) hoping to take possession...
  20. Howell's

    Little bit worried

    Hi Guys I went in the IS (sorry english keyboard) on Friday where i bank and was told they can no longer deal with us on the 1st floor for cash transactions only to do transfers. When i asked why they informed that everything is changing there and the 1st floor is now being used to give people...
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