1. Jaycey

    Kaspersky launches its free antivirus software worldwide

    Kaspersky launches its free antivirus software worldwide Mmmm, free? Does that mean that we must remove all other spyware/malware programs and then be faced with update costs from Kaspersky later? Or will...
  2. bickern

    Worldwide Age of Marital Consent

    Okay, so I have to ask, who is right and who is wrong? Scotland surprised me actually, I was not aware of that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Worldwide Age of Marital Consent According to United Nations statistics the legal age of consent varies...
  3. B

    Refugees Worldwide.

    BBC News - Global refugee figures highest since WW2, UN says With all that's going on in the Middle East and Africa, this hardly comes as a surprise. Bill.
  4. bickern

    Policeman who became worldwide laughing stock wins £430,000

    It doesn't make me laugh at all. --------------------------------------------- A police officer filmed smashing the windows of a Range Rover in a video clip which became an internet sensation has won more than £400,000 after claiming he was 'ridiculed' out of his job. Former Pc Mike Baillon...
  5. scotssteve

    Turkish Businesswoman takes No2 position worldwide

    Financial Times places Sabancý in 2nd top spot - Hurriyet Daily News What an acheivement for any woman- but in this country all the more remarkable perhaps. Also further recognition of the growing importance of Turkish business in a worldwide enviroment? Well done, I say:attention
  6. L

    Health travel: clinics worldwide

    Hello everyone! Those interested in undergoing treatment abroad (Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Germany, Singapore, etc) are welcome to consult Home - International Medical Tourism Directory Here you may find not only highly specialized services, but also a plenty of useful articles on...
  7. ceemac

    Worldwide Weekend of Free WiFi with Skype Access

    'Skype's latest product, Skype Access will enable free WiFi access in over 100,000 hotspots worldwide this coming weekend, 20-21 March 2010. Skype Access lets anyone pay for WiFi access per minute using Skype Credit, so that they can surf the web, email and make free Skype-to-Skype voice and...
  8. Tess

    University - Worldwide Exchange.

    Not Turkey related I know but : - Just wondered if any of you good folks children ever embarked upon a Worldwide Exchange when at University. My daughter is just about to break up for the Easter hols at MMU, after that she will go on to complete her first year. Recently she applied and was...
  9. Yildez Datca

    Allianz Worldwide Care

    Hi Am checking out health insurance plans ready for the move, will need cover from May this year. Has anyone used this company, has heard of them good or bad? Thanks folks.
  10. S

    Worldwide 2004 Cost of Living Survey City Rankings

    2004 Rank City 1-------------Tokyo, Japan 2-------------London, UK 3-------------Moscow, Russia 4-------------Osaka, Japan 5-------------Hong Kong 6-------------Geneva, Switzerland 7-------------Seoul, South Korea 8-------------Copenhagen, Denmark 9-------------Zürich, Switzerland...
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