1. M

    Turkish miniature art workshops

    TURKISH MINIATURE ART WORKSHOPS Turkish Miniature Art Workshops will be held by artist Mehtab Kardas who recently moved to Marmaris from Istanbul (in English and Turkish) Time : Every Thursday from 12 noon until 3 pm Place : ÇAMUREVİ Ceramic Workshop First trial workshop will be offered free...
  2. mamish

    Workshops for Women

    Hi, I'm presenting a series of workshops for women at the Guvencer Klinik in Bodrum starting in February. Basic details as follows: Women in Transition - A Series of Workshops for Challenge and Change Change is part of life, and when it happens it often requires a new approach. You can...
  3. S

    Carpentry workshops

    Could anybody tell me if there is a half decent carpentry workshop in Didim as I want to buy some wood & everything so far seems very flimsy
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