1. K

    Registered my imei - now my phone isn’t working

    Hi all, I bought a Turkish simcard last Friday, put it in my phone, it didn’t work. Turns out my phone wasn’t unlocked. Got it unlocked, put my Turkish simcard in, worked! Fab! Get the “you have 120” days message, yep no problem. Registered my phones imei the next day and paid the tax office...
  2. G

    uk phone not working for calls or texts

    Hi My turkish phone packed in, and while I was waiting for my new phone registration, I popped the sim card into my uk phone, all worked fine till my next visit when my uk phone with uk sim wont allow outgoing calls or text, is this permanent? can I have it reversed? Your help appreciated.
  3. M

    Working remotely form home in Turkey

    Does anyone on here work in Turkey on their computer for a job based in UK? How does it work are there any pitfalls I should be aware of? Is it even possible?
  4. S

    Aydem On-line facility not working?

    Hi there Just wondering whether anyone else is having a problem getting updated info re electricity bills via the Aydem online site. When I log in I can see all my previous bills but not the most recent one relating to our visit last month. I'm sure that the bill will have been paid as we have...
  5. T

    tor browser working?

    Hi friends. My tor browser is not working. I deleted it and then downloaded again. Also, www links to tor is not opening. for example: IS YOUR TOR WORKING? Thanks
  6. Kingfisher

    Britain's working homeless

    Utterly shocking
  7. T

    Working and Living in Turkey

    Hi my husband and I are interested in buying in Calis/Fethiye area in a couple of years time. Is it correct that we will not be able to get a job without a work permit since we have lived in Turkey for about 5 years?
  8. ExG

    Since Last Visit not working for me

    Title says it all really. I click Since Last Visit and a message comes up to say Sorry, there are no new threads to view. You may search for threads updated during the previous 24 hours, here. Any suggestions as to what I can do because I know that there have been new posts since 9pm yesterday
  9. W

    working in Fethiye

    Hi everyone. Well it looks like the big move to Fethiye will happen within the next couple of months!!!! My Turkish has greatly improved and I am thinking now that I should work for a year in a regular job before trying to nurse. I am interested in working as a Rep of some sort. But only part...
  10. beyazbayan

    Avea working in UK

    Avea is working in the Uk normally only Turkcell but my Avea working and have been here nearly 12 hours and still working getting messages telling me how much to call Turkey etc. Havn't had a message whilst in Turkey telling me of this new service.
  11. kemerkid

    More work for the working man.

    I'm putting this post in the Istanbul Forum because it seems to be fashionable recently and also because there is not an Ortakent forum in the list, which in my opinion is a serious omission Due to the raising of the height of the road passed my property by the Belediye and all the rain we have...
  12. J

    meter not working

    hello i own an apartment in mahmutlar for nearly two years now and i have been getting water bills whenever water is used but no electric bills until i looked for the meter and saw the the latest digital meter not working at all now i am tempted to leave things as they are or should i make them...
  13. Dreamy

    Run an Internet Business from Turkey without working permission?

    I wonder, can foreigners open internet stores, or do you need a working permission first?
  14. Dreamy

    Working within real estate in Turkey?

    Hi again I have contacted some Norwegian real estate companies to find out about the possibilities of working there. Does anyone have any experience with that type of jobs? Can you survive on the salary? I don`t have any plans to become rich, I just want to live in Alanya and be able to feed...
  15. Dreamy

    Opening a store in Turkey without work permit?

    I read so much about working permittion. In the same time there are foreigners who owns stores? At least it looks like it. If I was to open a clothing store - what would the rules be if I dont have the permittion to work? Some says that I can be there, choose the clothes and stay around as long...
  16. K

    Q. Working in Turkey (A bit of a long-shot)

    This is a bit of a long shot, but I used to live in Turkey for months at a time all through my childhood since I was 7 years old. I am now back in the UK studying. I'm a psychology student and I'm wanting to become a registered clinical psychologist somewhere down the line. After graduation I...
  17. A89

    IE has stopped working.....

    Does anyone know how to stop getting this message? I googled it and many replies tell you to do a re set but when you go to do that you get a warning message saying you shouldn't do it unless your browser refuses to work at all. Is there any other way? also, if I do that will I have to re set...
  18. A

    Working next summer ?

    Merhaba ! I'm desperate to work abroad next year & my first choice would be gumbet/bodrum just because I love the place & people & feel very at home over there , I have previously read up on working out there & get the impression it isn't easy . However when I'm out there I see a lot of English...
  19. M

    working in Istanbul

    Hey guys, I don't know if I am posting in the right forum, so sorry if I'm not this is my first post so bare with me while I get used to it :) Me and my husband are living in Belfast at the moment but are planning on going back to Turkey. When we go back I have been thinking about what type...
  20. maggie

    Camera on tablet stopped working

    I have a Kocaso tablet and the camera has just stopped working ,Ive done a factory reset and its still not working . Ideas anyone on how to fix it .!!!! Thanks Maggie xx:20:
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