1. Tenpin

    News Violence against health care workers continues

    Violence against health care workers continues despite measures, says report Full Story Extract: Violence against health care workers is still a major issue in the country amid the ongoing pandemic despite legal measures taken by authorities to prevent it, according to a new report by a labor...
  2. B

    Eastern European Farm Workers

    I see that we can't cope without Eastern European farm workers. Popular belief is neither will the NHS or care homes be able to recruit staff. How do little Englanders feel about this?
  3. K

    Workers Cheated

    Women making clothes for Zara clothing chain have not been paid, and are putting out a message to shoppers in Istanbul. Turkey: Zara shoppers find labour complaints inside clothes - BBC News
  4. bal canavar

    Kidnapped Turkish Workers in Baghdad

    Eighteen Turkish workers kidnapped in Baghdad, firm says Gunmen in military uniform seized 18 Turkish workers from a sports stadium they were building in northeastern Baghdad on Wednesday, their company said, in what Ankara said appeared to have been a targeted attack. Diplomats have said...
  5. bal canavar

    Workers Safety

    What chance is there of health & safety for workers in Turkey ? especially after the recent tragedies in mines ,bridges and in construction. When the Ministry of Labor and Social Security tasked with implementing the program of ensuring the Safety rules are met within the industry...
  6. shirleyanntr

    10 workers killed at Istanbul Construction site

    10 workers were killed ...and people who tried to protest at the poor safety conditions were met with water canon and tear gas is so depressing the way workers are treated in this country under this government who have had 12 years to improve working pay and conditions for the worst off people...
  7. teosgirl

    Turkish workers at risk

    High-speed train station building collapses, several injured - LOCAL Not surprising when they fill cracks like this with concrete: Crack in Istanbul?s intercontinental metro construction causes concern - LOCAL Three workers die in construction accident at viaduct connecting to Istanbul?s...
  8. shirleyanntr

    Turkeys child workers

    the sad fact that a 15 year old is among the dead in turkeys horrific mining disaster is causing raised eyebrows on FB and other news outlets there are 15 million child workers a significant number under the age of 14 .. when 14 year old Berkan was hit by a gas canister last summer and died 9...
  9. B

    Public Sector workers.

    BBC News - Spending Review: Public sector staff to lose automatic pay rise Should Public Sector workers lose the right to automatic pay rises???? I think yes, if Private Sector workers don't get them, why should the Public Sector? At one time it could be justified, when...
  10. teosgirl

    Union strikes in support of protests

    Turkey's trade unions gather to coordinate general strike in protest of state terror - CNN iReport I have not been able to confirm this information, and I have no idea what kind of effect it would have on general services. I do however feel it deserves a space of it's own on the forum, so as...
  11. Firefox

    UK workers not Slaves

    Tesco, Argos, Mataland, Currys, Sainsburys are to name afew pulling out in droves today for a UK government failed initiative to get British Jobs for young british unemployeds. Would YOU work for Nowt??????? Every littel Helps Tesco Make More Billions .££££ Iain Duncan Smith: Critics Of...
  12. bickern

    Social workers took out court order to stop couple going on HOLIDAY

    Social workers took out court order to stop couple going on HOLIDAY Read more: Elderly couple win case against council who tried to stop them going on holiday together | Mail Online He said the social worker and care home staff obviously had her safety in mind, but were too concerned with...
  13. Tommie

    Public Sector Workers

    Clearly we know about how the credit squeeze is hitting the UK public sector workforce, by governments restructuring state pensions and reducing salaries (via pay freezes). We also head that Greece has been asked to reduce its public sector workforce by an additional 25% (from 80,000 to...
  14. Firefox

    British Jobs no Workers

    I am a British employer in central London, I have not employed a British worker since 1998. I must of hired around 300 people in the past 10 years only a handful were English, and they only lasted an average of 2days. So IDS who cleans your house British or Polish?? Here BBC News - Duncan...
  15. P

    Illegal workers.

    This should ease the constipation some may have. Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Illegal expat workers in focus
  16. M

    workers needed( electricians)

    Dont know if this allowed, If not can someone please take it off. My husband is looking to employ electricians .We are in the Cesme area so if anyone knows of any Turkish or any other nationality who may need a job please let me know by PM and I can give you the telephone number.. Thanks Meah
  17. teosgirl

    reduced service in hospitals as health workers protest

    Turkish health employees to stop work for two days in labor action - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review I'm not sure if who this strike will effect, but obviously something is seriously wrong with the system if 30,000 people in Ankara protested. I wonder if it will be a widespread strike...
  18. arrian

    Nuclear workers on 'suicide mission'

    these people are very brave knowing that they could die by trying to stop what's happening, or even suffer untold illness (like Chernobyl) for the rest of their lives. Japan tsunami: Fukushima Fifty 'on suicide mission' to battle nuclear meltdown | Mail Online
  19. PASH

    Crack down on NON EU workers in the UK

    Have to say, i am shocked that hairdressers and estate agents qualified in the first place! Why is the UK always such a soft touch, take a leaf out of Turkeys books and see how hard it would be to work in the UK:help: Non-EU workers face jobs choice cut - AOL News
  20. B

    Foreign workers

    Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - New law: Employ 5 Turks for every foreign recruit Does anyone else notice a trend thats being developing for a while now towards foreigners, I am beginning to question whether or not they really do want us out of the country ??? Am I being realistic in...
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