1. I

    help needed to find out info on a seasonal worker

    Hi All Im worried, A lady friend has been having an online relationship with a seasonal worker in Didim and she is about to travel over and meet him, Id really like to know if anybody knows this guy and has any information on him Good or Bad, He may be a good guy, who knows, but she is 12 years...
  2. T

    UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops

    UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops | World news | The Guardian
  3. suzyq

    Another aid worker beheaded by ISIS

    Very sad if true ISIS Claims to Have Beheaded American Aid Worker Peter Kassig in New Video - ABC News
  4. Dreamy

    Social worker job in Turkey - possibilities?

    I am a sosial worker, and would love to work With counselling etc in Alanya. How is the market and possibilities for this - does anyone know? I think f.ex to work With foreigners or tourists.
  5. perfect1949

    how good are the worker's on your site

    The lads on our site are fantastic , even in the winter they have never stopped keeping the place neat and tidy . and if there is a problem they are there to help you . last week for instance i had a problem with my sola heating . i gave the lads a note in Turkish , thank god for google...
  6. Firebrand

    Turkish human rights worker arrested in Israel

    BBC News - Turkish charity worker arrested in West Bank
  7. bobthenob

    Reliable honest worker

    Anyone that is having problems with their property and in need of some repairs.Then l have the person for you. A very reliable person that gets the job done,without any of the hiked up prices and excuses that follows.l had many jobs done to my property with this guy and l just cannot fault him...
  8. G

    How much to pay for a daily worker?

    When I first settled in Turkey I was always wondering how much I should pay for people working for me on a daily basis (for cleaning the house, working in the garden.....) It was an headache and I was always wondering if the money I was giving was too much or not, asking their opinion to...
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