1. giglets

    MEPs - paid more - worked less

    Ya don't say! "Paying politicians too much harms their work ethic, claims ground-breaking new research that could be used as an argument not to give British MPs a proposed 11% pay rise. The findings, published in this month's issue of the Economic Journal, say that there is a significant...
  2. M

    Lawyer who worked with Nokta

    I am sure like us many others of you have had bad experience with a lawyer who worked with Nokta and has cheated people like us. I am interested in knowing who else have been cheated by this lawyer? Please do not name the lawyer publicly on the forum but PM me instead with the details. We...
  3. L

    Hello I've finally worked out how to do it

    Don't know if this is going to work as I am a computer dunce, and cannot take instructions better if someone shows me how to do something. Have followed this forum for a while now and as someone has said it is addictive, the first thing I do every day is switch onto TLF to catch up on things...
  4. C

    any one worked for holidays 4 u before?

    hi I was wondering if any one has worked for holidays 4 u as airport rep before, as I have been offered work and don't really know what it is going to be like. I know that it will be funny hours and what to expect with delays etc but just wondering what the experience is like and what the...

    Have I worked this out right ?

    Speaking on the phone this morning to our friends in bodrum,we talked about how to work out the interest figures regading a savings account at garanti bank (where we currently have £ & ytl accounts,sitting idle). He said thus,if the capital is introduced in the summer,we can assume £1= 2.5ytl...
  6. VWBug

    Lobbying Worked, Tourism Relieved of Bird Flu Fears

    By Isa Sezen, Istanbul Published: As reservation annulments took place due to the bird flu, Turkey's tourism sector members and state officials took action. A statement reading "There is no danger in Turkey" released by the World Health Organization proved to be the remedy...
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