1. J

    Solid wood Table and chairs for sale brand new

    Brand new table and four chairs never used , collect from Turgutreis near marina £250 for quick sale cost over &500 when new
  2. D

    Preservative for wood external door

    Please does anyone know of a preservative stain for external woodwork, in my case a depot door, available in Turkey. I'm looking for something on the lines of Ronseal Woodl Total Preservative, which protects against rot and also wood worm, but does not seem to be available in Turkey. I want...
  3. J

    Wood Burner

    Hi Does anyone know where we can buy a small wood burning stove in or around the Yalikavak area. Thanks Jodwina
  4. juco

    Using left over wood

    I thought I would give this a go as I had some 2x2 wood left over from a shower room refurb, a piece of 4x4 that I used for a fence post and the neighbours wooden slats from a bed they were chucking out. So I attempted to make a patio table, it is not quite finished yet as I need to tidy some...
  5. Andrew and Mary

    Victoria Wood has died...........

    All the good ones are being taken :dooh:
  6. S

    Wood Pellets or Anthracite coal

    Hi, Does anyone know of a reasonable price supplier of wood pellets or anthracite coal in the areas of Ortaca, Dalaman, and Fethiye or Marmaris. Thanks in advance. Sussex
  7. Marirabbit

    Buying wood in Bodrum

    Hi everyone, we've just ordered a glass fronted wood burner for our house in Gumbet. It's being fitted in two week time, just in time for the cold setting in! I was wondering if anyone could suggest a reasonably priced place to buy wood? Also do you have any tips on the best way to use it? Is it...
  8. T

    Police and demonstrators clash in High Road, Wood Green 'mini riot'

    Police and demonstrators clashed after a "mini riot" broke out in a busy high street. Members of the Kurdish community clashed with demonstrators at an Islamic Roadshow stall in High Road, Wood Green, yesterday at around 5pm. Police were called to the town cente as arguments broke out between...
  9. mollag

    Wood paint

    Looking to paint some wooden, varnished doors in colour. Is what is called primer in Turkey, what we call undercoat? And has anyone found a paint for wood in a satin or silk finish? Appreciate any advice :thumbup:
  10. R


    Anyone know where you can buy a piece of hardboard for a wardrobe back in Turgutreis, you don't tend to see wood in the local yapi markets.
  11. P

    Help - Topps scratch cover dark wood

    Has anyone this product please. I threw some out 2 months ago when moving house, in the event I could buy new if I needed some. It has been discontinued for 15 years. I am willing to pay for it and postage.
  12. M

    Wood Treatment Advice

    Hello everyone. Am back in our house and busy doing some maintenance jobs. We have three wooden framed windows which face our swimming pool - and due south. I have lightly sanded them and restained them every year with Silvanol in Teak but it just doensn't seem to be doing the job. They are...
  13. A

    wood for sale

    Does anyone know who would deliver wood to us please for our wood stove, apart from the wood place near Turgutreis and the one up the hill in Yalikavak?? Both are so unreliable that yet again today we have sat here all day waiting, and they haven't turned up again. Thanks.
  14. B

    Wood burner

    Hi everybody, This is my first post but I have been reading the threads for some considerable time and have been impressed by the knowledge displayed and how helpful people are prepared to be in offering advice. I am thinking about having a wood burner installed in my villa. Could anybody give...
  15. bickern

    Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire with Marble Plinth

    I am placing this here for a friend, so PM me if you are interested and I will give you their email. Cast iron wood burner/soba with marble plinth Available now for 450tl (1200 new). Buyer will need to pick up from Inliçe by Gokova/Fethiye
  16. E

    where to buy wood from

    hi i am new on here please can anyone help want to buy wood for the fire but dont know where to get it from the cheaper the better as i am 37 wks pregnant and what money i do have need to go on baby when he arrives but looking to buy 1 ton thankyou in advance elle
  17. H

    Oil based wood stain ?

    Sorry, I don't know if what I am looking for is "wood stain" in English. I hope so. We need "wood stain" to paint wooden garden furniture. Here at home there are many products and many of them are oil based. It's not paint, it's transparent, quite liquid and comes in all colours. We are using it...
  18. D

    Wood burning stoves

    I'm hoping someone can help me. We are thinking of spending some time in our apartment over the the next few winters but it only has heating from aircon units which is expensive and not very cozy. I was wondering if it's possible to buy the little wood burnt stoves anywhere in Yalikavak. We...
  19. DtB

    Wood varnish off tiles?

    In our absence here we've had workers come in to varnish our outside woodwork under supervision from the guys who manage our site. Yeah, right. Needless to say that the varnishers didn't feel the need to cover up the balcony with the result that we now have nearly as much varnish on the white...
  20. tylerbabe

    Wood for Soba

    Does any on know the price for a ton of wood and if they deliver :thumbup:
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