1. hijo

    wonders of medicine..

    this story caught my eye today .... baby boy born with six legs has had four of his limbs successfully removed by surgeons in Pakistan, according to reports. Umar Farooq was born with a rare genetic disorder called polymelia in which an embryo starts as conjoined twins in the womb. One of...
  2. C

    The wonders of modern photography

    Hi All, u may want to look at the web site Ufuk Hillside Complex Photo Gallery When we visited in August / Sept Utku was walking a photographer around taking shots for new web site and promo material. Hope he had consent 4 using these appartments. We can see where the stars and grass came...
  3. G

    What are the Top 10 Natural Wonders in Turkey?

    Last night, Channel five screened a program showing the Top 10 Natural Wonders in Britain according to a recent poll. See Full List below. I must confess to not having heard of our Top Natural wonder, the 'Dan-yr-Ogof Caves' caves in Wales. This got me thinking what the top 10 Natural Wonders...
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