1. D

    Isn’t technology wonderful!

    We used to have desktop computers for serious work in comfort, laptop computers for fairly serious work where portability was needed, tablets where space and weight were severely limited, and mobile phones where you need a pocketable device. So far so good. Then along came texting. This...
  2. suzyq

    Wonderful Judge

    'I'm all broken up about his human rights': Angry judge quotes Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry as murder suspect refuses to leave his cell to come to court | Daily Mail Online
  3. Jaycey

    What a wonderful world!

    Dakuwaqa's Garden... What a wonderful world we live in …
  4. beyazbayan

    Wonderful in the snow.

    Turkish delight! Colourful hot air balloons captured floating above snow-dusted 'fairy chimneys' of ancient Cappadocian landscape The region is best known for its unique rock formations, created by volcanic eruptions around 9million years ago Cappadocia is famed for being one of the best places...
  5. bal canavar


    it's wonderful ,and the dancing not bad either Fed up with jihadist's, Gaza, Grooming. Paolo Conte - Via Con Me (Lyrics) - YouTube
  6. monii

    WANTED: Wonderful, outgoing people [Fethiye Only]

    Are you someone who at times goes out alone or with others for a bite to eat or to try something new and come back with a lot to say about that place, be it good, bad or yikes!? If you're interested in joining me create a small but unique group of reviewers based in Fethiye then shoot me a msg...
  7. beyazbayan

    Wonderful idea

    Yesterday hubby came home with an extension lead which had four ports. two continental two pin and two UK three pin. Wonderful as usually when you use the adaptors they cover the port next to them. İt is so much neater and you can use all four port. Haven't seen one before. You can ask the...
  8. C

    Wonderful marmaris

    Marmaris is such a lovely and wonderful place its such a shame about some of the ex-pats who live there! Or maybe its just we both spent the last 10 years meeting and dealing with the wrong type of people!! You think you get to know someone and no sooner than that you get ripped off yet...
  9. giglets

    Wonderful Dog.

    BBC News - Pilipino dog ready to go home after face surgery
  10. luckycat68

    Wonderful Wedding

    I would just like to say what a lovely day / night / early am we all had at Beverley & Murats wedding ( ex Bar 9 ) yesterday Fortunatly the weather was good and the setting was remarkable Many thanks to Alex ( Cassanova ) and the staff at Taskule Hotel Can well recommend holding a...
  11. D

    Curry night wonderful evening

    Curry night
  12. D

    Curry night wonderful evening

    Curry night
  13. L

    Wonderful Time at UFUK Hillside

    Just got back from 2 weeks on hillside. What a great time! There was a lovely group of people there and the community spirit was amazing. Water Volley ball teams (with a real net, thanks to Eileen), board games around the bar (much hilarity and noise) and so much wild life. We had a bat fly...
  14. J

    Wonderful dream box service

    Signed up in january to the dream box and have had great service ever since, all problems, which have been minor, sorted quickly, can even, with the service providers help sort out transponder changes myself in a few minutes. We have a great range of channels all good quality but this week our...
  15. shirleyanntr

    Turkey's wonderful roads

    this is for those of you who intend seeing more tof Turkey either by car bus or armchair. There are some tremendous roads in Turkey built over mountains canyons rivers and other seemingly inaccessible places... how on earth they ever built them is a source of wonder to me. Although all the main...
  16. shirleyanntr

    wonderful site for all things Turkish

    the link following is part of a larger site which has a huge variety of stuff relating to Turkey. this particular article has an original piece from 1929 about how the arabic letters were changed to the latin. it must have been a massive thing to accomplish in sch a short time Turkey Goes to...
  17. W

    Have a wonderful new year!

    I'm enjoying my virtual vodka and coke and getting ready to bring in the New Year. My resolution? Be myself, don't let anyone try to change me and to follow my dreams. This year's gonna be the best!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!
  18. bob75

    Wonderful Turkey

    Hi all, its been a while since I posted on here for one reason or another but that hasn't stopped me reading various threads whenever I come online. My sister (irishmatelot) and I normally holiday in Bodrum but this year we went to Cyprus for a change thinking we wouldnt miss Turkey just for...
  19. perfect1949

    what a wonderful way to spend a sunday afternoon

    today out of the blue i was invited to a BQ with some friends anna and tony , and david and lynne . after the BQ we went to watch the man u and lpool game at sandima bar excellent day. sorry you are all going back to the uk tomorrow but i hope to see you all again next year . so what did all...
  20. D

    Hi, what wonderful ...

    responses to my very small thread, 6 pages - I really didn't expect to hear from so many, almost neighbours, in Uzumlu. Thank you all so much for feeling exactly as we do, its good to know that there is so much affection for this little village and its folks. And as you say Harem, perhaps we...
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