1. bickern

    How Istanbul won back its crown

    How Istanbul won back its crown as heart of the Muslim world. While Turkey stands accused of domestic repression, its largest city is increasingly seen as a beacon for the persecuted. A ruined yali, or Bosphorus mansion, is still standing on the shore of the largest island of the Istanbul...
  2. christella

    Trump won

    So said on the radio just now Trump won 5 Clinton won 4
  3. A

    AKP won again scenario

    Sozcu Video More pressure new exiles new prohibits / bans unjustice arrests String underpressure to opponents Operation to oppent companies big riot all over the Turkiye Chaos curfew big economical crise blood, fear, tear... Civil war Game over Military corrupt!
  4. Firefox

    Hamas Won

    With the truce holding for 24 hours many political pundits think that Hamas had the upper-hand in negotiations and won more concessions from Israel. PressTV - Shaul Mofaz says Hamas won upper hand, ceasefire mistake Israel did not meet its objective and can not protect its citizens from any...
  5. Firefox

    I.R.A Won

    H.M the Queen & Duke of Edinburgh have today meet and shook hands with former IRA Commander Martin McGuinness this is equivalent to Osama Bin Laden shaking hands with Gorge W. Bush. Margaret Thatcher vowed never to allow Nelson Mandela to walk the streets of London when she’s alive. His...
  6. C

    I won the lottery

    Yippee i won the lottery , don't get too excited it was only tenna , yep a tenna , 3 numbers and the bonus ball , dont get any thing for the bonus .... We sat and talked and said what would we do if we wone millions , oh god said the first thing i'd want to do is find as many people that have...
  7. newhorizon

    If you won the lottery would you go public?

    Reading a recent news snippet, regarding how winning the lottery (a large sum) can significantly change matters depending on whether you go public or stay anonymous. Back in July a couple from Ayrshire won £161 million and decided to go public. A quote from the article: A spokesman from...
  8. teresa

    The pub landlady has won her case

    BBC News - Premier League games can be shown on foreign decoders Landlady has won her right to buy cheaper foreign decoders to show football in her pub
  9. perfect1949

    well we won

    we won , should be a good game against germany on sunday , with both teams not playing well at the moment , what is your view . dave
  10. pineapple1

    If You Won Lottery ?

    I had a go on Thunderball tonight and i got to thinking whats the first thing i'd buy if i won it , well !st a lexus 4x4 in case the snow comes back so i can get to man airport 2nd the first flight out of here 3rd book a luxury cruise for all the golden girls 4th buy a big villa with huge...

    Dundee won

    Yeaaaay, Dundee won something at last!!!!! :yipee: The Alba Challenge Cup or something like that. Jeannie :28:
  12. Martyn

    I won, I won part 2

    Following on from Rosewalls post I thought maybe people could document cases where they have won against the odds and maybe give people belief that you can win It reminded me of a case we won several years ago against DFS. We bought a 3 piece suite from them and started to get problems with it...
  13. rosewall1

    Builders - I WON! I WON!

    On 31 October in sheer deperation I started a thread "Frustration with Builders" Many of you read this and added words of wisdom. I have decided to start a new thread so that it might be of help to others. Our story was that the roofs of our new pergoldas leaked and we could not get the builders...
  14. P

    Turkey should have won tonight

    Turkey should have won tonight they played better what a game Paul & Emma
  15. Andy

    Look Iv'e Won Again

    Well it looks as if iv'e been lucky for the 5th time this week. I would like to share all of this with you the members and to donate half to the T L F fund. I would like to thank my bank manager, my accountant, my parents bless em and anyone else who knows me. Your all invited to Hawaii to...
  16. peter the postie

    Rocky's won a heart over

    "We have been following Rocky's progress and after much thought we wondered if he/she has a home to go to yet! If not we would really like to offer him/her a home! Please PM me ! I assure you Rocky will have a very good home and plenty of love!" Jo & Family Little Rocky, the baby Parrot so...
  17. Harem

    Look What I've Won!!!

    FROM:UK NATIONAL LOTTERYTICKET NUMBER: 74454774SERIAL NUMBER: 144-66584BATCH NUMBER : BT-4478474121P WINNING NOTIFICATION We happily announce to you the draw (#1130) of the UK NATIONAL LOTTERY, online Sweepstakes...
  18. petermcintosh

    It won,t be long

    We arrive on Sunday coming, can,t come to soon, so looking forward to the sun, the Efes, walking the prom, chilling out in the bars, meeting some of you guys, at the forthcoming events in July. Cheers Peter n Margaret ALTINKUM.
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