1. N

    3 g internet woes

    i purchased a new turkcell SIM card to put in my turkcell Finn modem and it didn't work. It turns out that turkcell for some reason had blocked the Imei number on my two year old modem. After Turkish friends spent ages finding this out I found it was easier just to purchase a new modem. 130tl...
  2. S

    More Thomas Crook woes

    Thomas Cook set to axe 2,500 jobs -BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  3. teosgirl

    more education woes for Turkey

    YGS results reveal 360 percent rise in number of zero scorers in two years This news, surely couldn't have anything to do with this, could it? TURKEY - Distrust in Turkish testing body delays personnel exam Erdo?an says head of test organizing body failed to manage exam crisis And this was...
  4. Lemonhead

    Europe's woes are WWII hangover

    "The Continent's currency crisis is causing old rivalries to bubble up, pitting financially strong nations like Germany against some of the eurozone's less disciplined members." Europe's Woes With coffee and the morning read, I found this. For those of you with a better knowledge of economics...
  5. peter the postie

    Liverpool woes continue

    Lowly championship side have knocked Liverpool out of the FA cup at Anfield! Surely Benitez cant hold on to his job much longer?
  6. Martyn

    Driving woes

    Have a look at this.
  7. v6cod

    A1 travel woes...........

    There am I waiting patiently for the last couple of days for our tickets to arrive for our flight on Friday. Today I decide to contact A1 travel to see if they had been despatched. The lady I spoke to said no problem they are e-tickets I will get them emailed to you for this evening, great i...
  8. PhilCo

    EU alarmed by Turkey reform woes

    EU alarmed by Turkey reform woes By Oana Lungescu BBC News, Brussels A draft European Commission report raises fresh doubts about Turkey's bid to join the EU. The draft, seen by the BBC ahead of its publication next week, says the pace of reforms has slowed down and it urges Turkey to...
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