1. S

    Night of wishes

    Laylat al-Raghaib: Muslims around the world gear up for Islam's Night of Wishes Since the Islamic calendar is calculated with the revolution of the moon around the Earth, the dates of kandils change every year. (IHA Photo) Since the Islamic calendar is calculated with the revolution of the moon...
  2. hijo

    Best wishes jeannie

    Happy Birthday Jeannie,With Many Happy Efes Returns..
  3. B

    Birthday wishes to Prince Philip.

    Happy 92nd birthday to the Duke of Edinburgh, even though he is spending this birthday in hospital. Bill.
  4. S

    New year wishes

    Happy new year everyone Wishing you all health & happiness, purposely left out the wealth bit if you have health and happiness in my eyes you're rich :blowkiss: Sue xxx
  5. kale

    Birthday wishes

    Happy birthday icebern 09 Have a great day and a happy Christmas from Yvonne xx :474cu:
  6. djmagic

    birthday wishes

    happy birthday scaryme , have a great day .
  7. shirleyanntr

    best wishes to new Eden Bar Oba

    Jez and Tina have now officially opened their new premises for Eden Bar in Oba no need to go hunting for a great Indian curry or good English food Jez pops poppadoms with the best. and for all the footie and rugby fans the big screens are up and running again all the best to them for a great...
  8. arrian

    New Year Wishes

    wishing everyone a joyous, prosperous, and healthy New Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! :416pv::416pv::416pv:
  9. B


    Few days to go, and New Year 2012 will be here. With the advent of new year, a new era begins and with it comes new hopes and new possibilities. Every year teaches us some of life's most important lessons, and with that learning we put our step forward into the new year. And, when we celebrate...
  10. L

    Blessings and Best Wishes

    I've only been active on this forum for a few months and dont reply to all posts although I read alot and would just like to say although it seems not everyone on here sees eye to eye and there are quite a few heated debates on here everyone who I have personally spoke to or who has helped me...
  11. Andy

    Birthday Wishes

    To guinever, Modgirl, Miss Money Penny, Taha (31) & stacey2541 (26) all celebrating birthdays today. :pressie::pressie::pressie::pressie:
  12. perfect1949

    what is your hope,s and wishes for 2011

    mine is all my family and friends has a healthy and stress free year , what are yours ? . and i would like to wish all of my friends on here a very special new year to you all . dave
  13. J

    merry xmas and my 2 wishes

    To all on this forum. Merry christmas and a happy new year to you all and have a good one. 1st wish that all of us who are suffering with that big C. get rid of it. 2nd wish to all the men over 50 go and have a blood test. dont leave it to long before getting checked i know i have said it before...
  14. carolk

    Belated Birthday wishes to Scotssteve.

    Hope you had a wonderful 50th Birthday. x :evil:
  15. perfect1949

    if you had three wishes what would you wish for ?

    i would wish for 1 health , 2 wealth , 3 someone to share 1 and 2 with . dave
  16. tinkycarol

    Haybags pending wedding - best wishes

    Haybags I remembered from an earlier post that you said your upcoming wedding is on 8th October. If you are not too busy/knackered/frantic hope you get a chance to see this - best wishes for the big day & hope it goes well. Carol x
  17. Phil Johns

    Christmas & New year Wishes

    I am not a frequent poster but would like to post this message Best wishes to all that know me, and deep, dark thoughts to those who don't. Lets say good bye to the no nem thread, and those who say I am him ( I am Not) but hey my name is Phil Lets say goodbye to the miserable...
  18. W

    If you had three wishes?

    Hi All, I would just like to start a light hearted thread to get the views of people on this forum. I would imagine that everyone has their own views and thoughts on how and what they would do to put the world to rights and make this better world for everyone to live in! If I had three wishes...
  19. Ms Who

    Wedding Wishes :-)

    Wedding Wishes to Higgy :-) Just a little note to wish "Higgy" and his intended bride "Carole" all the very best for their impending nuptials tomorrow!! I hope you have a fantastic day and dont forget to post some photos for us to see (before or after the "Chateauneuf du Pape 1997"!!) xx
  20. madturkishcow

    Birthday Wishes.......

    A very happy birthday to the following peeps...... :) HEATHER MARCUS KUSTURK EVARKOMİNG SUNSHİNE SYLWİAAKTAS Eeeeeek!!!!! I had better bring up another barrel. Wishing you all a very happy day and may all your dreams come true. :pressie: Your free Efes can be found in the mad house bar from...
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