1. A

    Wireless /Dongle internet

    I don't have a phone line at our house, however in order to use internet can I buy a dongle here on Yalikavak and would it work with a router connected by tv. Thanks
  2. N

    ADSL wireless modem router

    ADSL wireless modem router as new hardly used with 5 Ethernet cable point 120 TL didim or £30
  3. S

    Sky wireless router

    Just a very quicky Would a Sky wireless router work in Turkey? Thanks
  4. T

    wireless internet gizmo

    I am thinking about getting one of those wifi gizmos that connects to the internet without wires and has a wireless router for the computers in the house preferably on a pay as you go basis anyone know where I can get one in Kusadasi ? thanks Thurstan
  5. Jaycey

    Wireless technology

  6. G

    Hardwired instead of wireless

    Am about to go mad as just cannot work this out!!!!! As my wireless routers a bit rubbish all I want to do is connect my laptop directly with the cable to the router However it just wont work!!! Continually get message " unknown network" Other than connecting the cable up is there more I...
  7. M

    wireless broadband

    hello everybody, question for anybody who can help me, i'm thinking about getting broadband internet for our new villa, has anybody got any idea of price i'm likely to be paying per month and how much i'll pay locally for buying a decent 300mbps wireless router. Thanks for any advise given
  8. V

    wireless alarm

    first post so be gentle. can any one tell me if you can use a response alarm wireless alarm using 868mhz .will it work in turkey without upsetting any body jlust brought a appartment in gulpinar and would like to be alarmed .many thanks villamad
  9. Spike

    Connecting to home wireless LAN

    Well, lightning through the telephone line cooked another router the other day, so bought a new one, cheapie this time, "Tenda" (PRC of course). Set it up and got 2 Acer laptops connected no bother. However an Acer notebook refuses to connect. Done exactly the same things, view available...
  10. Howell's

    wireless problems

    Hiya I have got my wireless router on the 1st floor but whenever i use the laptop downstairs the signal is very low. Does anyone have any suggestions how i can improve this apart from bringing the router back downstairs.
  11. V

    Wireless Internet Access

    I have use the search facility before posting this, but I can't find the thread I'm looking for ..... Recently someone posted some info about connecting a USB dongle (we have a Turkcell one) to a router to extend a wifi for other devices within an apartment There was also a link to Amazon...
  12. christella

    USB wireless network adapter

    i have been told this is the best on the market i have just bought one ideal to take to turkey with your laptop if you are like me i dont have internet in my place but with so many places to log into this makes it easier because it picks up wi fi quite a distance away read the reviews on it...
  13. Justin

    Laptop no wireless

    Please help. My son has a Dell Inspiron 1545 with Vista installed. For some reason i cannot get the wireless internet to connect (havent got a spare port on the router to check wired). In the bottom right hand of desktop where the network connections are shown it says.... Currently connected...
  14. R

    Logitech Wireless Keyboard (English) & Mouse For Sale

    Logitech Wireless Keyboard (English) and Mouse For Sale, as new 60TL Contact via profile or mobile 0537 940 4501
  15. A89

    Changing to wireless internet

    I want to change my internet to wireless using a wireless router from my telephone line. Does anyone know anyone in Alanya who would be able to help me with this? A lot of the internet tech shops say they will do it but I also know a lot of people who have wireless and have a lot of problems...
  16. raven

    Wireless Router Help

    Hello to all the IT Geeks, I need your help :) In our apartment we have shared Broadband, which is set up like most offices/business center where we have one router and the internet is brought to the apartments via cat5. We have on connection in the apartment which I have set up to run to a...
  17. yalimart

    uk bought wireless n modem router

    Hi has anyone taken and used a uk bought modem/router, i am thinking of taking a netgear wireless n modem as the range on the tt net supplied one is pretty poor and only has one lan port more concerned about the type of adsl signal than the actual wireless between devices thanks in advance martin
  18. C

    phone lines and wireless internet

    Hi Can anyone in the Dalaman area please advise me how long it takes to get a phone line installed at the moment, what is the cost of installation and annual rental, and what is the procedure/ cost for wireless internet connection after? Whilst we are not living there on a permanent basis...
  19. juco

    Wireless internet 2

    I didnt want to disrupt the other thread on wireless internet so started this one. This is my problem. I have laptop working ok off wireless at home (uk) When I take it to Turkey it works ok from one neighbours wireless (with his permission) Another neighbour it does not work even though just...
  20. Martyn

    Wireless internet

    I've just been remoted in to a members router in Turkey that had been installed with no wireless security. In her case others were connecting free to the internet and downloading what they wanted, when they wanted all on her capped internet. If you have your router installed by someone else...
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