1. suecheshireuk

    Jet2 announces winter flights to Dalaman and Antalya from Birmingham.

    Or Dalaman and Antalya to Birmingham..... Please don't ask me for the link because I will have to search for it again. . and I can't be bothered (sorry, in a lazy mood) but it's just a heads up. I can't actually see any flights yet from Dalaman, but there are some from Antalya, the prices for...
  2. A

    Winter Rental Advice

    Hi I am considering a move to Dalyan from the UK. Initially I am thinking to rent somewhere for 6 months over the winter (October to March/April) to get the experience of the town at that time having been there frequently in summer I would be looking for a 2 bed apartment or small villa and...
  3. S

    Keeping Apartment Warm in Winter

    I was told by someone that you can now get internal insulation in your apartment as older complexes have none, but does anyone know if this is effective with keeping the place warm and the cost for a 2 bedroom apartment? Our air conditioner and radiator heater struggles to keep the apartment...
  4. A89

    winter plants

    Does anyone know of any plants that are readily available here that will survive the winter in troughs on my balcony in Alanya please? alison
  5. A

    Cost for Side hotels long-term in the winter months ...

    I had a phone call last night from my friend Paul Cox in Margate, England. He wants to come to Side for 3 months over the winter ... all of December, January and February ... returning to the UK around 1st March. He came a couple of years ago and did the same thing but rented an apartment at...
  6. R

    Winter Reading - free books

    I have three bags of books (all of which I would say would appeal more to ladies but no discrimination ) anyway if you would like them you are welcome to collect we live near the new development Piramat Ege our Turkish mobile is 05380915589 I would appreciate collection ASAP please otherwise it...
  7. suzyq

    First Winter snow in Turkey

    The first snow of the season fell Friday on the Kaçkar Mountains located near the Black Sea coast in eastern Turkey, while at the other end of the spectrum the southern and western regions of the country brace for another heatwave from Libya...
  8. willip

    easyjet winter flights on sale tomorrow

    On Thu 23 Mar tickets go on sale for travel from 29 Oct 2017 to 4 Feb 2018, including flights over Christmas and New Year
  9. H

    Winter months

    Which bars restaurants and shops tend to stay open during the winter in Dalyan? Thanks
  10. IbrahimAbi

    Electricity consumption soars as Turkey abandons Winter Time

    You can't get it right all the time:- Turkey’s electricity consumption surged sharply in November due to the country’s move to ditch the winter time system, despite a slight slowdown in the economy and moderate weather conditions Electricity consumption soars as Turkey ditches winter time...
  11. Yildez Datca

    Warm winter clothing appeal.

    Some members may remember the project to knit warm winter hats for Syrian refugee children in the Diyarbakir camp. It has been ongoing for 2 winters now, and the Datca ladies are still knitting. However, the organisation I've been working with is no longer running transports, just too dangerous...
  12. bal canavar

    Banish Winter BLUES

    Turkey’s Turquoise Coast from the Air - YouTube
  13. SAMIMI

    Bodrum Milas airport in winter

    Are there any flights into and out of the International terminal of Bodrum airport in December, January and February? I would like to fly to Europe without having to first fly to Istanbul.
  14. T

    Winter flights to bodrum

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows which airlines, if any, fly direct to Bodrum airport from the uk outside the summer holiday season. Hoping i can get a deal by skipping over from northern ireland, where the choices are dire. Dublin to bodrum via istanbul is the best at the moment at around 260...
  15. willip

    easyjet winter flights on sale tomorrow

    This coming Thursday (14 Apr 2016) tickets go on sale for travel from 30 Oct 2016 to 5 Feb 2017, including flights over Christmas 2016 and the festive season. There's no one release time – tickets are likely to go on sale in batches throughout the day, though previously many tickets have gone on...
  16. G

    Winter in Yalikavak

    Am I the only one that actually likes going to Yalikavak in the winter. This will be my 4th winter holiday in 11 years I have had a property there at the end of January and I am just as excited as if I was going out in the summer. It's a different atmosphere and it's good to see this working...
  17. stmary

    Izmir winter transfer

    Hi all,we are finally making the move to Altinkum on Sat 5th Dec,flying in from Stansted.We are going to stop over in Tav Hotel at Izmir Airport overnight and make our way to Altinkum Sunday morning.Can anyone recommend a decent Transfer company that operates from Altinkum in Winter who can...
  18. F

    Winter Fair November 28 Saturday

    Please come and join us for our Arts & Crafts Winter Fair next to the beautiful Dalyan River. Delicious foods, beautiful gifts, games for all the family, Santa at 2.30. All proceeds to our local school. Call Faz on 0534 590 6162 for details.
  19. S

    AVTA restaurant - winter opening

    Wanted to let people know that the AVTA restaurant on the seafront in Kadikalesi is trying to stay open through the winter. Nice couple of lads trying hard to offer locals a place to go during the 'off' season so if you fancy a trip along please drop in and at least have a tea or coffee. They...
  20. F

    Winter Fair November 28 Saturday

    Dalyan's annual winter fair is Saturday Nov 28 between 9 and 4pm. Bigger and better - over 60 stalls, live music in the morning. Games for kids and adults. Santa at 2.30pm. More like a festival than just a fair.
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