1. Tenpin

    GoDaddy wins our 2020 award for most evil company email

    The domain registrar tricked employees into thinking they earned a bonus. What’s the cruelest prank you can make on employees who are struggling during a global pandemic when millions of people have lost their jobs...
  2. E

    Tatar wins the Northern Cyprus election.

    Tatar wins the Northern Cyprus election and knocks out turkish favourite. See what happens now.
  3. Firefox

    IS Bride Wins

    London born of Bangoli heritage IS Bride Shamima Begum has won the right to return to the UK to fight the removal of her British Passport. I think it's the right decision as Londonistan has far more Radical Muslims and Fanatics then Raqqa Syria. So Shamimma will feel more at home in Tower Hamlets.
  4. Jaycey

    Ukraine’s Jamala wins Eurovision

    :yipee::yipee::yipee: Ukraine’s singer Jamala won first place at the Eurovision song contest with her song “1944.” The Eurovision grand final took place in Stockholm on May 14. Jamala, whose full name is Susana Jamaladinova, got points through SMS voting of the audience and a jury. Jamala...
  5. bal canavar

    Who Dares Wins

    Arranged marriage? No thanks, I'm off to join the SAS: She's a Muslim woman and only 4ft 11in, but Azi was determined to take on the ultimate challenge Azi Ahmed was brought up in in a devout Pakistani family in Manchester Read more: Muslim woman Azi Ahmed wanted to join SAS rather...
  6. bal canavar

    Netanyahu Surprise Wins

    Is BIBI loved more in the REP/senate than at home Is BIBI Netanyahu loved more in the REP/senate than at home ??? The Republicans gave him a feted welcome, plus a standing ovation on the floor of the American Senate from Neo-Con Republicans . Whilst back at home Israeli's had a mass...
  7. T

    Syriza wins in Greece

    Syriza wins in Greece hope this helps Greece BBC News - Greece election: Radical Syriza party heading for big win
  8. H

    UKIP wins bye election in Rochester !

    Hooray !!
  9. B

    McIlroy wins the Open.

    Well done, Rory McIlroy. Although I am not a golfer or even a golf fan, I reckon that this was a great achievement. Bill.
  10. bal canavar

    Miners Family wins compensation claim

    The family of one of the Soma mine victims has won a ruling from the courts, for compensation to be paid by the Company that owns the Soma mine. The ruling sets a precedent for other miners families to follow suit . The Court is in the process of making arrangements for the seizing and...
  11. abba

    Real Madrid wins Champions League

    Congratulations to Real Madrid. Great game but felt so sorry for Athletico not to have held on for another two minutes.
  12. bal canavar

    Turkey Wins

    Turkish film "winter sleep " by film director Nuri Bilge Ceylan Wins the prestige Cannes film festival top award the "Palme d'or " Ceylan dedicated it to " the young people of Turkey and those of them that lost their lives" taken to mean the youth who have died in the unrest Gezi...
  13. abba

    Fenerbache wins Turkish Championship

    Congratulations to the players, manager, staff and fans for an excellent showing this season.
  14. bickern

    Policeman who became worldwide laughing stock wins £430,000

    It doesn't make me laugh at all. --------------------------------------------- A police officer filmed smashing the windows of a Range Rover in a video clip which became an internet sensation has won more than £400,000 after claiming he was 'ridiculed' out of his job. Former Pc Mike Baillon...
  15. Jaycey

    ‘Sir’ Robert wins again

    Surprise, surprise, Mugabe wins again for his 7th term of office albeit with a reduced majority - apparently he only got 13.4 million votes from the 13 million electorate. :animation Harare police won?t tolerate protests - Africa | IOL News | Sound familiar?
  16. B

    SAS Sniper wins his appeal.

    BBC News - SAS gun appeal: Danny Nightingale conviction overturned I reckon this is good news for Danny Nightingale and the Army in general. I just hope that he is acquitted at any re-trial. Bill.
  17. S

    Qatada wins appeal

    Radical Islam cleric Abu Qatada wins appeal against deportation - Yahoo! News UK
  18. John LeNeve

    Obama wins

    Believe it or not FOX news is the first to declare Obama a winner. I can't believe the the US has dropped to the level of Europe and has decided to go down the path of European socialism but it has happed. You can begin the obituatory of the USA as of today. A lot of Europeans are very happy...
  19. giglets

    EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize!

    Deserved or not? BBC News - Nobel Peace Prize awarded to European Union
  20. T

    Europe wins Ryder Cup

    Well done you guys!!!!!!! Great last day. :48:
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