1. Firefox

    Taliban Are Winning

    All the gains made by the British Army at a cost of 500+ lives lost has now eroded. The SAS are in to hold the last Post. SAS and American special forces fighting Taliban for control of Sangin in Afghanistan - Mirror Online What a Waste lives lost in Vain.
  2. teosgirl

    Better odds than winning the lottery?

    BBC News - Nasa refines satellite crash time Scary, should they be forced to act more responsibly with space junk/waste? As Brits we're forced to recycle and take care of our trash, but it seems the space agency are free to take calculated risks with human life during the disposal of space...
  3. Bubskar

    Digiturk winning us back???

    What a pleasant surprise tonight - Digiturk has put on not least 5 more film channels. Is this an attempt to win some custom back?? The films are new!! and don't look bad at all 10 MMAX Family 11 MMAX Premier 12 MMAX Premier 2 13 MMAX Stars 14 MMAX Stars 2 15 MMAX Festival 16 MMAX Speed :307bt:
  4. J

    Germany winning

    Germany 1 England 0
  5. Joe in Tasucu

    Winning domestic rows

    I have just had a row with my wife over the best way to cover our daughter's school books. We started doing it together, she watched how I was doing it and told me it was better to do it another way, I made a minor insignificant comment about her being a control freak and that my way was fine...
  6. rosewall1

    winning arcade games

    Well once upon a time I made top of the board on the arcade game 'slots'. Real chuffed I was, until today and for the first time in ages I went in to have a look at my glory, gone, three other people had beaten me. So decided being a sicko to have another go - got up to just under 20,000 and one...
  7. merlin

    Turkey's Award Winning Shopping Center....

    <center></center> Shopping centers in cities in the UK are constructed with a specific shop mix goal in mind. As this sector is newly developing in Turkey, it is expected to make a significant impact to the changing lifestyle and shopping practices here. The lifestyle of people living in big...
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