1. S

    German Wings

    Tragic news, those lost souls, our thoughts are with their families and friends, god bless them.
  2. bickern

    Wings for your Windows Explorer!

    I really love this program, if you like tabbed browsing then you will love tabbed explorer. It even has a bookmarks bar like Chrome. ---------------------------------------------- Clover 3 Wings for your Windows Explorer! Clover is an extension of the Windows Explorer, to add multi-tab...
  3. A

    Staying at the palm wings resort

    Hello , I have booked to stay at the palm wings resort in early June 2011 . I am also bringing my wife and her elderly parents . Will this hotel and it's location be suitable ?
  4. J

    Golden Day Wings Hotel

    Have booked above hotel for Sept, I understand that it is under refurbishment at the moment. I would appreciate the occasional update on how it looks by any member living in Kusadasi
  5. P

    palm wings

    hi anyone been to palm wings hotel in antinkum? can you recommend it?heard the bar shuts at 11pm are there any nearby bars?
  6. peter the postie

    Palm Wings Beach Resort

    Could anyone tell me whereabouts this is? One of my wife's work colleague's is going there.
  7. Germaine

    palm wings beach resort

    Hi, the wifes booked us into this place in October for one of our furnishing trips. Does anyone know anything about this hotel ? palm wings beach resort altinkum. Apparently its about a mile outside of Altinkum. Is that a mile towards Akbuk ? Which is where the house is. Any info appreciated.

    Palm Wings Beach Hotel

    hi everyone Can you tell me where in Altinkum this hotel is and if anyone has stayed there yet. According to web its new !! I would be interested as looking for a holiday and my apartments not ready yet. thanks eve
  9. spitfire

    Wings abroad

    Has anyone used Wings abroad They claim to have 30 years experience in travel to Turkey. Just been checking flight prices and they seem to be cheaper than aegean :) I would be interested to know if anyone has any experience of this company. I'm not sure but I also think the website has...
  10. Pheme

    Birds Without Wings

    My love affair with the written word started in Junior School. When everyone else was still mucking about flicking bubble gum at smelly boys, girly swot and prefect that I was, I’d finished my work and was rewarded by a visit to the library where I journeyed to the land of the Moomins. Was I...
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