1. F

    Local wines?

    Any god wines being made in the Antalya province?
  2. GnD

    Everyones' Favourite Wines????

    I Love This Wine my favourite !!! and my man just got 6 gorgeous Italians for me for Christmas :)) YAY go G
  3. Andy

    Wines in Turkey

    What is your favourite wine or wines, be it Red or White. It dosn't have to be Turkish but has to be available in Turkey.
  4. no-nem

    Virgin wines

    I have just been awarded a 20quid voucher to use against a case of wine (min.value59.99) from virgin wines. The voucher must be used within 1 month. As I neither purchase wine from the UK and never intend to, if anybody wants it, the 1st PM gets it. I will then register the voucher, and attempt...
  5. merlin

    Turkish Wines....

    Heres a nice English link on Turkish wines albeit from one of the largest suppliers/wholesalers in Turkey. Almost all wholesalers will sell direct to the public if you can get a decent size personal or collective order together..... Just locate your local...
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