1. G

    Wine making

    In this time of lockdown I've been making home made wine and it's very good, it work's out at 10 pence a bottle and it's 15% not bad. Anyone got any recipes. :46:
  2. G

    Turkish Sparkling Wine

    Can anyone recommend any which the Turkish supermarkets sell? I usually bring some over from UK but I am sure similar available here🍾🍾. Any help appreciated🙂
  3. S

    Wine knowledge

    Well now that you're here there is something you could be helpful with. A post this evening is about good priced quality wine The region our new place is in is coming down with amazingly priced quality wine-you actually get it free with your meal by the bottle indeed with wifey a teetotaller...
  4. 1

    Groupon - Sunday Times Wine Club!!!

    I receive daily deals from Groupon, some are good, some crap, and some are amazing! A couple of weeks ago I received a Groupon for 12 bottles of red wine for £60, retail price £120, needless to say, I bought 12 bottles and it is fab!!! From the Sunday Times Wine Club. Now it is on sale in...
  5. I

    wine making

    Wanting to start making my own wine here in turkey. Anyone know where i could source the equipment needed eg. glass demijohns, brewers yeast etc.????? I am in Turgutreis :)
  6. bickern

    Wine for Cats

    Never Drink Alone Again Because Now There’s Wine for Cats January 09 2015, 54 Comments You never have to drink alone again, because now you can drink with your cats. At least in Japan you can, because a Japanese company called B&H Lifes has begun selling wine made specifically for cats. This...
  7. immac

    Marsala Wine

    I´m looking for Marsala Wine for some recipes. Is the real stuff available in Turkey? I have seen some recipes to concoct a substitute, which will be a fall-back solution if real thing is unavailable. Ian
  8. yalimart

    TLF Wine Club

    Whilst I am not new to wine, I am new to Madeira wine, so I am after some advice on how best to drink it, should I chill it and have it as an aperitif similar to a chilled white port, or leave it at room temperature and have it after my meal, or just quaff it like any other wine. Its just a...
  9. M

    Tespo wine offers

    Hi there Just planning a trip into Marmaris and wondered if anyone had any news on decent wine offers in Tespo? They seem to have different stock every time we go, and sometimes its great value, other times less so, and often not a variety we've seen elsewhere so are nervous to try. Any news...
  10. S

    Wanted Wine Rack

    Please can anyone tell me where I can buy a floor standing wine rack in Marmaris,thanks.
  11. A

    fruit Wine!

    Just wondered if anyone else has tried the fruit wines in Turkey? They do a variety of fruits,so far my favorite is Strawberry,they do a Banana one which I can't find at the moment,but am having fun trying all the rest :):cheers:
  12. Jouster

    Wine making in Turkey

    I'm thinking about taking up my old hobby of wine/beer making when I retire to Fethiye at the start of next year and was wondering if there are any shops selling wine/beer making materials locally. Any info be appreciated (and an invite to a tasting sesh once made of course ::cheers:)
  13. J

    Making Wine

    Does anyone know where we can get some glass demijohns in the Alanya region. I know Tekzen used to sell them but haven't seen any for a while. Thanks
  14. Yalides

    Drink wine not water.

    GOD in His goodness Made the grape To cheer both great and small Little fools will drink too much And big fools none at all..... To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine.. And those who don't and are always Seen with a bottle of water in their hand. As Ben Franklin said: In wine there is...
  15. S

    Dummys guide to wine

    I have tasted wine about twice in my miserable 49 years on this god forsaken planet. A misguided but well meaning aquaintance has given me a voucher for 50 quid for wine. Some of you I would imagine are expert winos so give me an idea of something that would be palatible to a total novice
  16. Yalides

    Mulled wine

    Wouldn`t it be nice if some of our local hostelries did mulled wine this christmas. Know its not their thing but a good idea businesswise to get people in.
  17. O

    Wine Tasting/Art Exhibition

    ŞARAP TADIMI / WINE TASTING @ SERGI / EXHIBITION Ebru, kitreyle yoğunlaştırılmış su üstünde, özel hazırlamış boyalarla oluşturulan desenlerin kâğıt üzerine geçirilmesi yoluyla yapılan bir süsleme sanatıdır. Ebru Sanati Sergisi kapsaminda Bahar Coupal, Camille Sahin, Terry Glaysher, Mehmet...
  18. K

    Good Wine??

    How about sharing some names of good wine that won't break the bank. We found a gorgeous bottle of red wine last year in migros, it was about 6 lira, we cleared the shelves as we were fairly certain it was priced wrongly. Our stocks have ran out and i've searched all the various stores and i...
  19. L

    Cigars - Wine merchants near Jesus Watch Shop

    Another member kindly said they were able to purchase Cafe Creme cigars from a wine merchants near the Jasus watch shop last year................does anyone local know whether you can still buy them there???? Many thanks
  20. S

    Wine House

    Whilst visiting our apartment in Didim last July we called in The Wine House a couple of times for a drink, on our return in September it had moved,can anyone tell us where to? as we are returning to Didim in a couple of weeks. Thanks sunfinder
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