1. S

    Windy defence

    Suspect's farts makes police stop interview in Kansas - BBC News
  2. hijo

    windy birds..

    ..took these on our beach last week with the strong gales..poor birds were getting nowere fast ...
  3. R

    Is it always this windy

    Where does this wind come from, does anybody know when it's going to stop. Is it always this windy in this area?????? May as well as stayed in Manchester.
  4. clatchyrock

    Is it too windy in Akyaka

    This May rather than go to Kas we decided to go elsewhere and looked at Akyaka. But I picked up that it is a favourite spot for wind surfing etc- so will it be too windy on the beach.
  5. clatchyrock

    Is it windy in Akyaka?

    Thinking about having a change from Kas this year and looked at Akyaka. While this seems a great place to go to I noticed that a lot of wind surfing goes on. Checked the weather for May and 75% of days have wind between 5-15knots. Anyone experienced this- I don't mind a gentle breeze but a...
  6. S

    Merhaba from wet and windy Scotland

    Hi, My name is Eileen and my husbands Joe and we have had an apartment in Altinkum for 4.5 years. The apart is next to Ege road between Pyramid bar an Goldstar.
  7. Andy

    A Windy Problem

    Don't Fart In Bed If this story doesn't make you cry for laughing so hard, let me know and I’ll pray for you. This is a story about a couple that had been happily married for years. The only friction in their marriage was the husband's habit of farting loudly every morning when he awoke. The...
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