1. suzyq

    Windsurfing in Turkey

    Turkey is a stellar country when it comes to windsurfing, not only in the top-class athletes it produces but also in the destinations within the country that have ideal conditions for the sport coupled by unparalleled backdrops? In fact, Turkey happens to have one of the top destinations in the...
  2. L


    How difficult would it be to bring a windsurfer into Turkey,ie transportation to Turkey and would it be liable to tax on arrival,well isn't everything.
  3. overmars


    Hey all, is there any place to do some windsurfing in Gundogan?
  4. E

    Windsurfing or Kitesurfing Bodrum

    Hi All, Does nayone know of a windsurfing or Kite-surfing school in Bodrum?
  5. kaplumba

    Windsurfing Championships 2010 Datca when?

    In previous years the windsurfing championships have been held around June 19th in Datca. I failed miserably last week and forgot to find out if they were on this year and what the dates were. We are about to book our flights and would like to be there when they are on. I can't find anything...
  6. kaplumba

    sailing and windsurfing

    We have discovered a few good windsurfing spots, Alacati, Teos, Bitez, Datca to name a few. Further south in Olu Deniz it was not windy enough and we haven't ventured any further south than that. My husband has been doing it for many years several times a week right through the year and won't...
  7. merlin


    The bays around Çesme, Bodrum and Datça peninsulas, as well as Antalya, have ideal wind conditions for windsurfing. Turkey's Aegean shores are among the best windsurfing and kite surfing areas in the Mediterranean. The coastal plain enjoys an exceptionally mild climate, with soft, verdant...
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