1. Freedom 49

    Side's Hurricane Winds.

    If it's not well secured, it's off down the road or flying off the balconies! All along our side of Side Blv we have beautiful well established Bay Trees. Unfortunately when the winds are really harsh, these trees are blown so hard that they lean over, and, slowly slowly, they are pulling the...
  2. translator

    Strong Winds

    Expecting strong winds and the temperatures to drop by 1-3 C⁰
  3. K

    Gale force winds rock our world

    We are experiencing some dire weather here in Antalya, gusty winds of I reckon at least 35 mph and getting stronger, and a wind chill factor that feels below zero. I've been trying to find an accurate weather forecast online but none of them care to explain this current situation, except to say...
  4. immac

    Severe Winds Tonight

    Not just Fethiye, but West Coast generally, severe winds forecast for next two days. I have just secured plants etc on balcony. Ian
  5. lara

    Gale force winds due tomorrow.

    Apprantly there are 120ml a hour winds due to hit Marmaris tomorrow, schools are closed and heavy rain expected. I supposed it could be worse, I could be back home where it's still snowing.
  6. bobthenob

    High Hot dry Winds

    There has been a lot of these hot dry winds,releasing a funnel of soil in the air and settling in the pools and inside the house. How are you coping with these high winds.l just keep on having bad hair doesn't do my reputation any good
  7. Andy

    Weather Where You Are

    Southern England Weather. Very Windy with some damage, lots of rain and still quite cool for May 17c. :18:
  8. vjvodka

    high winds

    high winds hit altinkum today.there is rubble cloths patio furniture flying all over.the sea looks really angry.two of my naighbours are now scouring the area looking for there washing and patio furniture.
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