1. mamish

    Help! Windows blue screen

    I have a Surface Go with Windows 10, bought in UK and set up last August. Yesterday I did a system restore as an app was playing up, and the computer didn't come out of it. I get a blue screen with error code 0xc00021a and various options to try and repair. However, I've tried all the options -...
  2. bickern

    How To Upgrade To Windows 10 For ‘Free’ In 2020

    Windows 10 still has problems but Windows 7 is about to hit the scrap heap (and Windows 8 is a pointless sideways move). As such, millions of users must soon jump to Windows 10 for the safety of their data and Microsoft charges $139 for the standard edition. But what if I told you there’s a...
  3. christella

    Windows 7

    Windows7 finish in about a months time I think we can still use it but no more updates I hate the thought of win10
  4. bickern

    Download a copy of Windows

    For those whom may want a copy of Windows either to re-install to their current Desktop/Lappy or to install on a new system. Create installation media (USB flash drive or DVD) you can use to install a new copy of Windows 10, perform a clean installation, or reinstall Windows 10. "Before you...
  5. Struggs

    Windows 10 again (sorry)

    As some of you will remember when I had to get a new computer I struggled with windows 10, for several months now I have got on with it, hit a few problems but got them sorted. Never liked it but now, absolutely hate it. Being on capped usage I have to do updates after midnight (free usage)...
  6. Jaycey

    Windows 10 S

    Windows 10 S review: faster, simpler … and incredibly painful to use Windows 10 S is the latest version of Microsoft’s new and improved operating system, which is about to launch with the new Surface Laptop and a series of machines from third-party manufactures. It joins Windows 10 Home and...
  7. A

    Windows Updates

    Hello. My laptop has started automatically downloading windows updates. When I logged off last night there were 171 updates to download. Four the previous day. This morning the counter was at 152 updated. After 5 hours the number is the same so not updating. If I remove power and battery from...
  8. bickern

    Windows 10 creators update

    Well I took the plunge and updated but can't really say there is anything to write home about (or here for that matter). I will have a play with 3d paint later but as I am as artistic as a brick I doubt I will get anywhere. If I do find anything of interest I will update.
  9. L

    Help again,Windows

    I am now getting a warning from Windows that my licence is due to expire and must be renewed,it goes on to say I must apply for a new licence???? Any advice welcome.
  10. christella

    apparently mac supports windows

  11. bickern

    Windows Tweaker

    I am not usually a fan of utilities such as these mainly because you can do it yourself, but I have to admit I do like this one. I went looking because a member had problems with Windows taking bandwidth by auto updating. Blurb: Winaero Tweaker is essential software for every Windows 10...
  12. bickern

    Download Windows Media (Disks)

    Whilst the need for the Windows 10 disks may not be required as Windows 10 can be reset to remove everything or reset and keep your files etc., sometimes it may be a good idea to download the disk image. The image can be cut to DVD, USB Flash Drive or you may just choose to mount it...
  13. Struggs

    Please Help Windows 10

    My old computer is on the blink, and I had enough vouchers to get a new computer, Lenovo, obviously this has Windows 10 on it, with edge. Finding it extremely difficult to use, at the moment 2 major problems. It is eating my bandwidth, ( I am on a monthly cap ), using the internet this...
  14. christella

    windows 7

    i always format and re install win7 every 6 months got caught out this time a message says your installation of win 7 is out of date no security update could give a ?hit still works fine for me
  15. bickern

    Tabbed Browsing in Windows

    Tabbed Browsing in Windows should have been added years ago, I have used addons before but I have to say I like Clover. It is from a chinese company therefore the install is in chinese but it is obvious what to click. Clover is an extension to Windows Explorer, to add multi-tab functionality...
  16. bickern

    Now upgrading to Aniversary Edition Windows 10

    Well come Wednesday I would join the world and his dog that are using Windows 10 in being upgraded, I thought what the heck, why wait, just get on with it and do the upgrade today. I am now in the process of upgrading, therefore if I ain't back on here any time soon you know it failed.
  17. bickern

    How to legally still upgrade Windows 10 after 29th

    Haha, fooled us didn't they. You can still grab a free Windows 10 copy after July 29, 2016 Microsoft's offer to upgrade to Windows 10 from devices running eligible copies of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 expires today on July 29, 2016. The company announced previously that it won't end the offer...
  18. U

    Mac or Windows?

    My wife's 10 year old Vista windows computer has died, she is now wondering if a Mac would be better than Windows 10 (after listening to my moans & groans!) Are there other Mac users out there? and what are the advantages?
  19. bickern

    Free Sky TV inc Sports and Movies on Windows/Mac.

    NO VPN REQUIRED. Windows and Mac users bear with me a bit. For those whom have Android there is a nice little App from Mobdro that enables us to watch All things Sky, (inc sports) and other stuff. I use it to watch Discovery, History etc., in fact I stopped using Kodi a while ago now. I have...
  20. MiddleEarth

    Windows 10 Free Ending-Security Info

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed. :laser: Microsoft Ends Free Windows 10 Upgrades Soon So Plan Ahead If you’ve been putting off the upgrade, do it now or pay $120 come July 30. Security Features to Look for in New Laptops by James Martin - Mar 16, 2016 "look for business notebooks that...
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