1. A

    Window vents

    For those who have holiday apartments/villas that are just used a few times a year, has anyone been able to have vents fitted to the windows for “airing” the place out when your no your not there. Similar to what we have in the uk. I am not sure if this is a thing out there? Is it something you...
  2. R

    Window cleaning 4th floor.

    Including the ground floor my apt is five stories up. Have a huge windows in the living room. From floor to ceiling and wall to wall. They are filthy. The complex is brand new. Only two windows open and only swing open about 10 inches or so. Are there window cleaning companies that specialize in...
  3. Mojive

    How much is that ferret in the window?

    Just heard this story on the radio and had to take a look for myself....take a look would you fall for this?'Pet poodle' turns out to be giant rodent pumped with steroids - Yahoo!7 Mo xx
  4. D

    window net curtains-alanya area....

    Hello everyone, I am looking for window nets curtains and blinds if anyone is selling cheap please let me know thanks :) ALANYA AREA......
  5. N

    Through the window.

    This is amazing. I just looked through the window of the room I was born in (a few years ago). Pusher Christmas
  6. mollag

    Yalides's window

    Took this snap at Yalides's pad at Halloween, nothing new there methinks :9:
  7. L

    Karcher window cleaner

    Has anyone purchased one of these and if so how do you rate it? I'm thinking of getting one for the windows here in the UK but don't want to spend £50 if they're not worth it. If you have one can you please give me your views, how clean does it get them, is it as quick as they say and is it easy...
  8. R

    Window Grills

    Hi , could someone recommend a decent tradesmen to make and fit window and door grills for our apartment in Didim.:thanks:
  9. K

    window and door netting

    anyone know a good place to get window mosquito netting for sliding doors localy :hmm:
  10. N

    window help please ....

    :help:Hi everyone im asking if any member can reccomend a window installer in Turgutreis or bodrum?
  11. perfect1949

    the transfer window

    the transfer window closes on the 31st of january . i,m gutted that no one has put in a bid for me . i,m a good mover , and can dribble a lot , and great in any postion . any reasonable bid accetpted . dave
  12. R

    Window Irons

    Hi There, After being burgled we are now going to have to fit window bars on all windows. I have always been reluctant, but now we've paid the price for it. Could anyone tell me what the average cost (ish) is per window? I have had two windows done already at a cost of 150TL each-is this about...
  13. tomc1984

    Window Cleaner

    Anyone know of a window cleaner in Yalikavak, or do people just not clean their windows. It is not that I am lazy, just a difficult upstairs apparment with very dirty windows.
  14. D

    Door & Window Grills

    Any ideas for the best place to go and get the door grills or shutters from? Not sure what they are called perhaps you can help. I mean the iron gates that close over the patio doors and lock for extra security or the shutters that go on the outside of the windows thanks
  15. J

    Window locks for sale

    6 brand new window locks for sale (I bought too many). Still in sealed bags, bought for 4.500 TL, will sell for 4TL.
  16. Howell's

    Window locks Due to burglary

    Hi guys As you may know we were broken into last week. Part of the reason they got in was the fact that the windows and sliding doors here do not have key locks so they managed to slide a wire through the side of the door and lift the handle (simple). My husband was a upvc window fitter in the...
  17. D

    window & door shutters

    instead of having grills we would like to have shutters instead, does anybody know of a company around Altinkum that supplies and fits them and at what cost. Thanks David & Helen
  18. GnD

    Break Ins get window iron work or window alarms

    Sadly have to announce that the oh so familar early hours break ins, detailed on other town boards, have come to Dalaman. Around 4am two of the 12 properties were singled out. Fortunately, the second had someone sleeping downstairs so they were disturbed and the break in foiled. I only...
  19. Andy

    Door & window midge screen

    Fine mesh door & window mosquito screens for all those tiny midges which should keep out the smallest of insects.
  20. v6cod

    Mini Window alarms

    Lidl's have got these on sale from the 7 Feb Alarms £2.99 for a pack of 4, bargain.
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