1. yalimart

    Windmills for guvecinlik

    So it's enormous hotels on one side of the bay and potentially 30 plus windmills on the other, some things will never be the same. Karar ver Bodrum; Ne Yapacaks?n? | Bodrum Haber Martin
  2. P

    Bodrum windmills, Building work?

    Yesterday on the way back from Bodrum market I came via the windmills and stopped for a ponder. I noticed that on the Bodrum harbour side of the hillside though there were several large diggers and lorries. It looked like they were clearing the land. Does anyone know why? I hope they are not...
  3. Y

    Stray dogs at Windmills in Yalikavak (top of hill)

    Hello Everyone ROSEMARY and the Yalikavak Animal Welfare Group are desperately asking ALL people that drive by the windmills to kindly leave food for the animals up there. They are starting to starve to death, and the misinformation being given by one of the Vets in Yalikavak to stop feeding...
  4. luckycat68

    The feeding of the stray dogs near the Windmills

    Today I was feeding the stray dogs & puppies near the windmills , its a very sad sight indeed as these dogs have mange & maybe parvo viros I called into my vets to ask her what we can do -- she said "PLEASE DO NOT FEED "- the problem being as that she really wants the dogs to be hungry and...
  5. L


    Anyone seen the windmill working on top of the hill between Yalikavak and Ourkent ? Its been renovated this year and I saw it in full sail the other day.Looked brilliant ! Lynne :)
  6. kaplumba


    Just a quick mention/update. I noticed sails on the latest windmill to be restored, it looked beautiful and the gardens were landscaped. It didn't look open for visitors like the newspaper article said though and I didn't have time to stop. I'll stop off for a nosey round and take some pics when...
  7. kaplumba

    Datca windmills

    Turkish Daily News dated 7th Feb 07 One of the six historic windmills in Datça, which have become the symbols of the quiet holiday resort located on the southwestern tip of Anatolia, was restored and will be serving to boost tourism in the town. The windmill located in Datça's Kızlan...
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